Meet The Broadswords

The Broadswords is an all women actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast focusing on role play, narrative, and diversity at the gaming table.

Victoria Rogers
Dungeon Master

Victoria has been playing table top games for just over twenty-five years.  In 1991, her mother brought home the game Hero Quest.  Her family played that game every Friday evening for nearly two years, cementing her love for table top games.  An avid science fiction and fantasy fan, Victoria has contributed to SFFWorld and The Speculative Book Review.  She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, cat, and two dogs.

She can also be found running around with a vibrosword on the Edge of the Empire actual play podcast The Dice Unkind.

Bianca Zelda

Bianca is a 26 year old university student in Windsor, Ontario.  When she is not studying or at work, she spends her free time playing far too much League of Legends and watching anime.  She has two dogs and two cats and would be happier if she had two of every animal ever.  Her only experiences with Dungeons and Dragons are all of the tie-in novels she read as a kid when she should have been sleeping.  R.A Salvatore, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman were some of her favorites.

Kristin Flemons

Kristin has recently relocated to Seattle where she is delighted by the quality of the beer, and the density of dogs per capita.  When she is not pretending to be a dutiful grad student, Kristin can be found inhaling science fiction and fantasy novels, picking up heavy objects, or failing spectacularly at video games.  Before now, Kristin has had essentially no experience with tabletop RPGs, but they are quickly becoming her newest obsession.

Tracy Gibbons

Tracy is 27 and lives in Toronto, Canada with enough animals to have her house classified as a zoo.  In her free time she dabbles in competitive heavy object pick-upping.  She can also be found behind the wheel of a good car, behind the reins of a horse, or plummeting down a mountain on two wooden sticks.  Her experience to DnD prior to The Broadswords is limited to a few 2am energy-drink fueled one-shot campaigns in high school.