Blood Money is an intense, action-packed shooter that will keep you entertained for hours. Developed by IO Interactive, this game is not for the faint-hearted. Combine high-octane gunfights with stealth tactics that will test your skills and reflexes. You play the role of Agent 47, an assassin who must complete various missions while escaping the law and avoiding detection.

The game is set in a variety of exotic locations around the world, including an opera house in Paris, a casino in Las Vegas, and a wild jungle in South America. Each mission is unique and offers a different challenge, requiring you to adapt and improvise to achieve your goals. You’ll have access to an extensive arsenal of weapons and gadgets to help you complete your mission, including silenced pistols, sniper rifles, explosives, and more.

With stunning graphics, realistic sound effects, and an engaging story, Blood Money is an unforgettable game you won’t want to miss. So if you are a fan of action games, download Blood Money today and get ready to experience the thrill of the hunt. With your strategic skills, you will be able to defeat your enemies and claim your rightful place as a fearless assassin. Don’t wait, download Blood Money now and start your mission.

Blood Money PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. Blood Money was released on July 12, 2018.

More about this game

Blood Money is a 290,000-word interactive novel by Hannah Powell-Smith, where your choices control the story. It’s completely text-based, with no graphics or sound effects, and is powered by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

System Requirements

  • SW: window 7


Pros and cons of playing the Blood Money game

Are you planning to play Blood Money, but not sure if it’s worth it? Here are the pros and cons of playing this game:


  • Engaging Story: Blood Money offers an exciting story that keeps players interested throughout the game. You will become involved in the main character’s journey and will be eager to see how the story ends.
  • Challenging Gameplay – The game offers an immersive experience and places players in challenging situations. You will have to think quickly and be strategic to complete the missions successfully.
  • Good Graphics: Blood Money’s graphics are well done and provide players with a stunning visual experience. The game makes great use of lighting and shadows, creating a moody atmosphere that fits the overall theme and tone of the game.
  • Multiple Ways to Complete Missions: Blood Money rewards players for being creative, allowing for different approaches to each mission. You can choose to shoot with firearms or take a stealth approach, depending on your preferences and play style.
  • Interesting Characters: Blood Money’s NPCs are well-developed and have unique personalities that contribute to the game’s overall narrative. You will find yourself immersed in the destiny of these characters and eager to see how they evolve throughout the game.


  • Difficult Controls: The game can be difficult to control, especially for those who are not used to playing first-person shooter games. This can cause frustration and decreased enjoyment for some players.
  • Repetitive Gameplay: While there are several ways to complete missions, the game can start to feel repetitive after a while. Players may find themselves performing similar tasks over and over again, which can lead to boredom.
  • High Difficulty Level: Some players may find Blood Money too challenging, especially those who are not used to playing first-person shooter games. This can lead to frustration and decreased enjoyment for some players.
  • Violence and Gore: The game contains violence and gore which may not be suitable for all players. This must be taken into account before playing.
  • Short Campaign: The game’s main campaign is relatively short, which may disappoint some players expecting a longer game. This, however, can be remedied with the game’s replay value and multiple ways to complete missions.


Overall, Blood Money offers an engaging experience with an exciting story, challenging gameplay, and interesting characters. However, players should be aware of the game’s difficult controls, repetitive gameplay, high level of difficulty, violence and gore, and short campaign. If you can overlook these drawbacks, Blood Money is definitely worth playing and will surely provide you with hours of fun.

FAQ: Blood Money Gameplay

Q: What is blood money?

Blood Money is an action-stealth game in which the player takes the role of an assassin completing contracts for clients in various locations around the world.

Q: What type of weapons and equipment are available in the game?

The game offers a variety of weapons, from pistols to explosives and equipment such as lockpicks and sniper rifles. The player must carefully choose his equipment to suit the objectives of each mission.

Q: Is Blood Money a challenging game?

Yes, Blood Money can be a challenging game because it focuses on stealth and completing missions without being detected by enemies or cameras. However, players can adjust the difficulty level according to their preferences.

Q: How long does it take to complete the game?

The length of the game depends on the player’s playing style and level of exploration. On average, it takes about 12 hours to complete the campaign.

Q: Are there multiplayer modes in Blood Money?

No, Blood Money is a single player game with no multiplayer modes.