S01E24 – Cloak and Swagger

The broads faced two foes that nearly brought them down. Cold, shaken and tired, they make their way back to the Vremyoni stronghold. Meanwhile, a small party makes their way through the mountain pass from Immilmar toward Storung’s gates. . .

Thanks to Travis McElroy for joining us this episode. You can find him on podcasts such as The Adventure Zone, My Brother, My Brother and Me and most recently, Positiviteeny!

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“Werq” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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S01E23 – Cursed Howl


After the catastrophic events of the blood magic ritual, the Vremyoni and Hathran mourn their fellow brothers and sisters while others rejoice in their new found freedom.  Can Yllairies reconcile her feelings of guilt?

Thank you to Ross Rockafellow, Jeremy Oleksa and Kristine Chester for joining us in this adventure.

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S01E22 – Blood Magic

In an act of desperation to save her father from possession, Yllairies does something she had sworn to never do: perform blood magic.

Everything is going to be fine. . .

Special guests are Ross Rockafellow of Dice for Brains and Jeremy Oleksa of The Dice Unkind.

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S01E21 – What Did You Do?

The broads make it to Storung, the Vremyonni keep in the mountains.  It is time for Yllairies to meet her father.  Will he live up to her exacting expectations?

Meanwhile, Mépris and Keilah decide to take advantage of being around a bunch of magic item crafters.

We are joined by special guests Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains and Jeremy Oleksa of the Dice Unkind.

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S01E20 – Breakfast?

After defeating the Banshee and learning some cool new moves, the broads head into the capital city of Rashemen.

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“Firesong” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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“Fresh Air” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

S01E19 – Ancestral Protection

The broads emerged from the tomb triumphant, only to find that the rest of the group had left them with Novik.  Awoken in the night to the shrieks of a banshee, the party tries to smooth talk the undead creature.  Mépris is confronted with something from her past. . .

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Adal Rifai of Hello From the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar continues with his guest role as Novik.

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S01E18 – Cloth in the Trees

The broads have made it out of the dungeon!  They break out into the night and come across their old friend Novik, waiting for them.

Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar joins us for the next two episodes as Novik, our second favourite barbarian.  😉

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S01E17 – Through the Gates

Last episode we left off with Keilah being attacked.  Will the broads make it out of this dungeon alive?  Let’s find out!

So much news!  We have guests coming up.  Lots and lots of guests!  Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar, Russ More from Dumbgeons and Dragons, Jeremy Oleksa from The Dice Unkind, Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains, Kristine Chester of Heroes of the Hydian Way, and Travis McElroy of MBMBAM and The Adventure Zone! We are thrilled!

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