S02E07 – Just Within Reach

The broads have been reunited at the temple of Chauntea. They seem to have arrived in the City of Splendours during a time of upheaval. There has been an explosion, and rumours are flying throughout Waterdeep. Will they be able to find Keilah’s bagpipes? We’re joined by special guests Chris Perkins, Adam Carnevale and Ross Rockafellow.

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S02E01 – Session Zero

It’s a new season!

The broads sit down with guests Satine Pheonix and Ross Rockafellow for a Session Zero. They go over the social contract, house rules and do a lot of worldbuilding.

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Theme Music: Victoria Rogers

Editor: Victoria Rogers

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“Cottages” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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“Farm” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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S01E25 – The Portal – Season Finale Part One

The broads say farewell to Buckminster Eden and follow Kenithar and Bronlei through the portal to the Shadowfell.

Special Guests: Adal Rifai, Kristine Chester, Jeremy Oleksa, Ross Rockafellow and Travic McElroy!

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S01E15 – The Gates of Tethrys

The broads leave Urling and face their first dungeon!  Seriously, it’s Kristin, Tracy and Bianca’s first dungeon delve.

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S01E14 – OOC Q&A

Listen in while Victoria, Kristin, Bianca and Tracy answer questions asked by Patrons.  They cover everything from which fictional women Kristin wants to lift with, to how to promote inclusivity in your gaming community and what DnD means to each of them.  Bianca and Victoria soldiered on through a 3.6 magnitude earthquake, ‘cos the show must go on and all that.

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S01E13 – Roaring Spirits

Lady Yhelbruna has delved into the memories of our heroines. All three have been touched by the Draconic god Bahamut, and the Othlor of Rashemen wants to know why.

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S01E12 – Fire Bolts and Bath Tubs

Lady Yhelbruna, Othlor of Rashemen, has been peering into our heroines’ pasts.  Next up: Yllairies.

We have two guests in this episode!  Kristine from Heroes of the Hydian Way reprises her role as Lady Yhelbruna and Daniel from Bros and Dragons plays someone from Yllairies’ past.

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Listener Appreciation Contest

Voting begins!

Listeners were asked to submit a minor magic item that will appear in our game.

After a lot of deliberation and whining that it was too hard to choose just three, we shortlisted the submissions to these five.  The rest is up to you!

The winner will also receive a print of their choice of the International Women’s Day character portraits by AkiDead.

Voting will end Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 3:00 PM EST.

The winner will be announced in Episode 13 on April 7th, 2018!


Without further ado, here are the shortlisted submissions.

S01E11 – Mulhorandi Dreams

Lady Yhelbruna peers into the past of our favourite tiefling barbarian.

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