Meet the Characters


Barbarian | Tiefling | Far Traveler | CN

Born into slavery in Mulhorand and raised under the watchful priesthood of Horus Re, Mépris made a daring escape as young girl.  Thus began her life as a wild adventurer, traveling only with her glaive, her lucky dice, and some ragged maps hastily stolen from the priesthood library.  She is quick to judge others, but often feels compelled to help strangers.  Mépris has a tendency to impose her own ideas of personal space.

Yllairies Roaringhorn

Wizard | Half-Elf | Noble | TN

As an illegitimate child, Yllairies always felt like she was on the outside looking in.  Now, with her nose in the air, she is determined to gain the recognition she’s thus far been denied – with a heaping serving of fireballs for any with the audacity to stand in her way.

Her sheltered upbringing means that she’s got a lot to learn about how life works for common folk before she’s going to get anywhere as an adventurer. Here’s hoping her curiosity at least occasionally wins out over her pride.


Bard | High Elf | Contortionist | CN

What Keilah lacks in manners she makes up for in charm.  Her preferred weapons are the hand crossbow and her silver tongue.  A travelling contortionist by trade, she is also gifted with the bagpipes, shawm, and the lute.  Whatever you do, don’t ask her to sing, unless you like the sound of tortured toads.  One of her goals in life is to meet a dragon.