Are you ready to experience the thrill of high speed racing? Cross Racing Championship Extreme is here to give you an adrenaline rush like never before. This game is perfect for all racing enthusiasts who love the combination of speed and challenging tracks.

With Cross Racing Championship Extreme, you can enjoy intense racing action and demonstrate your driving skills. The game features stunning graphics and realistic physics, which make the experience even more engaging. You’ll find a variety of cars to choose from, each with their unique features and abilities.

If you want to test your skills against other players, Cross Racing Championship Extreme also offers online multiplayer. You can compete against your friends or players from around the world and see who wins.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Cross Racing Championship Extreme now and get ready for an unforgettable racing experience. With its amazing graphics and engaging gameplay, this game will keep you hooked for hours.

Cross Racing Championship Extreme PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. Cross Racing Championship Extreme was launched on September 18, 2018

More about this game

Cross Racing Championship (CRC) allows players to experience the thrill of high-speed racing on and off-road across vast open terrains. Runners can participate in more than 60 races in six different environments, ranging from icy mountain regions and lush landscapes to desert areas and arid beaches. CRC appeals to rally and road racing fans with its crossover approach to vehicles and racing circuits.

CRC features multiplayer action and extensive setting options that are integral parts of the game along with realistic real-time damage and stunning graphical effects. The vehicles are fully customizable in both appearance and performance through an intuitive and powerful interface.

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows XP SP3
  • Processor: Pentium IV 1.4GHz
  • Memory: 256MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Gerforce 2 MX 400 or ATI Radeon 8500
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 700 MB available space


The pros and cons of Cross Racing Championship Extreme

Cross Racing Championship Extreme is an exciting racing game that takes you on a wild ride across various terrains and circuits. It features stunning graphics and realistic physics that add a level of excitement to the game. However, like any other game, it also has its pros and cons.


  • Realistic Physics – The game uses an advanced physics engine to give players the most realistic driving experience possible. Everything from the car’s handling to its reactions to the environment feels genuine and immersive.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Cross Racing Championship Extreme offers multiple game modes including Race, Single Race, Time Trial and Free Roam. This variety ensures that players will never run out of exciting challenges.
  • Graphics and Environments: The game has stunning graphics that will impress even the most demanding gamers. Each environment and terrain is beautifully detailed and realistically presented.
  • Customizable Cars: Cross Racing Championship Extreme allows players to modify and upgrade their vehicles to make them faster and more powerful. This aspect of the game adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay, as each car can be customized to the player’s preferences.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Due to the game’s realistic physics, Cross Racing Championship Extreme’s controls may seem challenging at first, making it difficult for casual players to master the game quickly.
  • No Multiplayer: Cross Racing Championship Extreme does not offer a multiplayer mode, forcing players to experience the thrill of racing against AI opponents alone.
  • Buggy AI: Like most racing games, the AI ​​opponents in Cross Racing Championship Extreme can perform seemingly impossible maneuvers at times. This can be frustrating for some players, as the game’s AI can sometimes ruin the immersion of the game with unrealistic behaviors.
  • Small features missing: Some small features, such as the replay option after races, sound effects of a vehicle crashing, or a rearview mirror during the race, are absent, which may slightly affect the overall game experience.

Final thoughts

Overall, Cross Racing Championship Extreme is an excellent racing game, which stands out in several aspects such as graphics, realism, and the different game modes. However, with its challenging control scheme and lack of a multiplayer mode, the game may not be suitable for casual players. That being said, fans of realistic racing games will certainly enjoy the challenges that Cross Racing Championship Extreme has to offer.

FAQ: Extreme Cross Racing Championship Gameplay

Q: What type of game is Cross Racing Championship Extreme?

A: Cross Racing Championship Extreme is a racing video game that features various types of cars, tracks and game modes. Players can participate in different races and challenges to progress in the game.

Q: What are the system requirements to run Cross Racing Championship Extreme?

A: The minimum requirements for Cross Racing Championship Extreme include a 1.8 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, a 128 MB video card, and 2 GB of free hard drive space. The game can be played on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Q: Can I customize my car in Cross Racing Championship Extreme?

A: Yes, the game offers various customization options for vehicles, such as colors, decals, and performance upgrades. Players can also unlock new cars by completing the game’s races and challenges.

Q: Is Cross Racing Championship Extreme a multiplayer game?

A: Yes, the game supports multiplayer, where players can compete against each other online. They can also use the game’s built-in chat system to communicate with other players.

Q: Are there cheat codes available for Cross Racing Championship Extreme?

A: We do not support the use of cheat codes in Cross Racing Championship Extreme. The game is designed to be played fairly and the use of cheat codes may negatively affect the balance and integrity of the game.