Final Fantasy It is one of the most popular and longest-running video game franchises of all time. The series is known for its epic stories, incredible character development, and stunning graphics. The latest version, Final Fantasy (2021)is not an exception.

In this game, players are transported to a magical world full of adventures, dangers and mysteries. The story follows a group of heroes who must come together to save the world from an evil force that threatens to destroy everything in its path. Players will embark on an epic journey that will take them through a vast and beautiful world full of monsters, treasures and secrets.

Throughout the game, players will engage in intense battles with formidable enemies, hone their skills, and discover new weapons and items to aid them in their mission. With stunning graphics, an incredible soundtrack and a compelling story, Final Fantasy (2021) It is a must-have game for any fan of the series.

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More about this game

The original FINAL FANTASY comes to life with all-new graphics and audio as a 2D pixel remaster! A remodeled 2D version of the first game in the world-famous FINAL FANTASY series! Enjoy the timeless story told through charming retro graphics. All the magic of the original, with improved playability. Earth, fire, water, wind… The light that once shone within the four Crystals was lost. Darkness covered the land, until the only hope for humanity lay in legends of the past. Become the Warriors of Light and embark on your own journey to restore the power of the Crystals and save the world. Change classes to improve your characters. Cross the wide world with your airship and other vessels. Go back to the game that started it all. MAIN FEATURES:

  • Universally updated 2D pixel graphics, including pixel designs of iconic FINAL FANTASY characters created by Kazuko Shibuya, the original artist and current collaborator.
  • Beautifully rearranged soundtrack in faithful FINAL FANTASY style, supervised by original composer Nobuo Uematsu.
  • Improved gameplay, including modernized user interface, auto-battle options, and more.
  • Immerse yourself in the game world with complementary extras such as the bestiary, artwork gallery and music player.

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows 8.1 64-bit/Windows 10 64-bit (version 1909 and higher)
  • Processor: AMD A8-7600/Intel® Core™ i3-2105
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics / Intel® HD Graphics 3000
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1 GB of available space


The pros and cons of playing FINAL FANTASY (2021)

FINAL FANTASY (2021) is a very popular role-playing game that offers players numerous hours of entertainment. However, like any other game, it has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of playing FINAL FANTASY (2021) to help you decide if it is the right game for you.

The professionals

  • Stunning Graphics: FINAL FANTASY (2021) comes with stunning graphics that make the game more immersive. You can enjoy the beautiful fantasy world, characters and creatures in the game.
  • Engaging Story: This game has a captivating story that will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end. The plot is well developed and the characters are fleshed out, making for a memorable gaming experience.
  • Customization: FINAL FANTASY (2021) allows players to customize their characters and weapons, offering a high level of customization that enhances gameplay.
  • Great Soundtrack – The game’s background music is iconic and well-known in the gaming world, adding to the overall impact of the game.
  • New and Improved Combat Mechanics: FINAL FANTASY (2021) has improved its battle system, making it more interactive and exciting. The game has something for everyone, from beginners to experienced players.

The cons

  • Repetitive Gameplay: FINAL FANTASY (2021) has been criticized for its monotony, particularly in the later stages of the game, which could discourage players looking for more variety.
  • Additional Content Costs: Some players have complained that obtaining all of the game’s extras, such as costumes and weapons, can be expensive or difficult to obtain, adding an additional cost barrier.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Advanced game mechanics and features can be challenging for new players and require a lot of practice and patience to master.
  • Lack of replayability: FINAL FANTASY (2021) has limited replay value, which could deter players who want to play multiple times.

The bottom line

FINAL FANTASY (2021) is an impressive game that can provide a lot of entertainment. However, it is not perfect and has some drawbacks that might not be ideal for everyone. It is best to carefully consider the pros and cons before making a decision.

FINAL FANTASY (2021) Gameplay FAQ

Q: What type of game is FINAL FANTASY (2021)?

A: FINAL FANTASY (2021) is a role-playing game that features exploration, combat, and rich storytelling. Players take control of a group of characters who travel through a fantasy world full of magic and monsters.

Q: Can I customize my characters?

A: Yes, you can customize your characters with weapons, armor and accessories. You can also assign different skills and spells to your characters based on their unique abilities.

Q: How does combat work in the game?

A: Combat in FINAL FANTASY (2021) is turn-based and features a menu-based system. Players select actions for their characters, including attacking, casting spells, and using items. Enemies will also take turns attacking, so strategic planning is important.

Q: Is the game open world?

A: The game is not completely open world, but features large, interconnected areas for players to explore. Players can travel freely between cities, dungeons, and other locations on the world map.

Q: How long does it take to complete the game?

A: The length of the game will vary depending on how much time you spend exploring, completing side quests, and seeking experience. On average, the main story can take between 30 and 40 hours to complete.