Finnish army simulator is a very realistic simulation game that takes players into the world of training and combat used by the Finnish Army. Developed by top game developers, the game offers an authentic experience that allows players to step into the shoes of a Finnish soldier and learn how to fight, strategize, and survive on the battlefield. The game is designed to test the player’s tactical skills, attention to detail, and decision-making abilities, all while immersing them in a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled environment.

The main focus of the game is the intricate training sequences that involve getting soldiers ready for combat. From weapons handling to field supplies and battle strategies, Finland Army Simulator covers it all. Put players through intense, interactive training in a training camp where they can learn the ins and outs and skills that will make them better soldiers. The realism in the gameplay experience even extends to military vehicles such as tanks, helicopters and airplanes, which are accurately modeled after their real-life counterparts.

To download the Finnish Army Simulator, players can visit our website and follow the easy-to-use installation instructions. If you’re a fan of military simulations or someone looking for an action-packed challenge, this game is perfect. Experience the adrenaline of being part of the Finnish army and prepare to hone your tactical skills in a world-class simulation that will leave you wanting more. So are you ready to join the army and become a skilled Finnish soldier? Download Finnish Army Simulator today and experience everything it has to offer!

Finland Army Simulator PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in direct link. The Finnish Army Simulator was released on January 13, 2023

More about this game

The first Early Access version contains 4 weeks of military service, which means over 20 hours of scripted gameplay content! The purpose? To provide a realistic but fun experience of the Finnish Military Service (conscription, “intti”) circa 2011. We want you to feel nostalgic! RK-69 (pun intended), M05, hazing/intimidation (“simputus”), NBC alarms (“suojeluhälytys”)… Training includes recruit favorites such as leak testing of NBC equipment with tear gas. And napalm fire training, as well as the ever-present copper test. The capture? The player can relate to the content if he has been through the Finnish army. Strong language, dark humor, strict guidelines, repetitive tasks, and simple core mechanics are the heart of the game. Spend your days on base attending endless lectures, learning basic discipline and marching drills. Remember those old “athletics” type games? How about “Tony Hawk” games? This game will have a large number of mechanics that many will remember from their childhood. Additionally, RPG elements such as dialogues, inventory, player statistics, free roaming, skill trees, etc. They will provide additional depth to the game. Many facets of training are included in the form of mini-games. These include orientation, combat training (“taisteluammuntaharjoitus”) and military exercises (“sulkeisjärjestysharjoitus”). Marching in time with your companions has been a staple of military training since Napoleonic times. In the 2000s, this has not changed in the Finnish armed service. You will be surprised how little it has. The history? The game will have a “metaplot.” The player will be able to reveal army secrets that should not be commonly known. The player also maintains connection with the outside world by watching television news and participating in activities during holiday weekends, which will affect the gameplay. Count how many valuable days of service are left with a morning game comb. Other inseparable aspects of Finnish military service, such as the use of tent stoves, indirect group punishments and “intti jargon”, come vividly to life. Even in the unlikely event that a Finn knows nothing else about military service, the two things he probably knows are that the canteen’s jam donuts are delicious and cheap, and that the coffee is undrinkable. There are things that some recruits cannot live without and that cannot be purchased at the soldier’s house. For example, you can buy cans of Swedish snus from your platoon mates.

System Requirements

  • SW: windows 10
  • Processor: 1GHz and more
  • Graphics: A dedicated video card is recommended
  • Storage: 10 GB of available space


Pros and cons of the Finnish army simulator

Finland Army Simulator is a tactical simulation game that allows players to experience the immersive world of the Finnish Armed Forces. The game offers a wide range of realistic weapons and vehicles, challenging missions and stunning graphics. However, as with any game, there are pros and cons that players should consider before diving in.


  • Realistic Gameplay: Finland Army Simulator offers a detailed and realistic gameplay experience, allowing players the opportunity to feel as if they are truly part of the Finnish Army. From weapons to vehicles, everything is designed to immerse the player in the simulation.
  • Diverse Missions: The game offers a variety of missions ranging from simple tasks to complex military operations. This diversity keeps the game challenging and exciting for players of all levels.
  • Rich Graphics: Finland Army Simulator has impressive graphics, which contribute to the immersion and realism of the game. From the terrains of the Finnish landscape to the intricate details of the weapons, players will feel like they are truly in the middle of it all.
  • Multiplayer Capability: The game allows players to connect with others over the Internet and play together. This can add an extra level of fun and strategy to the game.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Due to the game’s level of realism, it may be difficult for newcomers to understand. This can discourage some players who don’t have the time or patience to learn the ins and outs of the game.
  • Performance Issues: The game is quite demanding, which may cause performance issues on low-end systems. This can detract from the overall gaming experience and make it less enjoyable for some players.
  • Limited Content: While the game has a variety of missions, there is limited content beyond that. Once players have completed all the missions, they may find that the game lacks replayability.
  • Low accessibility: The game is only available on PC, which may exclude players who prefer consoles or mobile platforms.

Overall, Finland Army Simulator offers an immersive and realistic experience for players who are willing to put in the effort to learn the game. However, those looking for a more casual gaming experience or who have lower-end systems may find it less enjoyable. Ultimately, the decision to play comes down to personal preferences and interests.

FAQ – Finnish Army Simulator Gameplay

Q: What is the gameplay of Finland Army Simulator?

A: Finland Army Simulator is a tactical simulation game that immerses players in the experience of being a soldier in the Finnish Army. Players can undertake a variety of missions involving combat, reconnaissance, and logistics.

Q: Are there different difficulty levels in Finland Army Simulator?

A: Yes, there are different difficulty levels in the game. Players can choose to play on Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty levels depending on their skill level or preferences.

Q: Can players choose their own weapons and equipment in Finland Army Simulator?

A: Yes, players can choose their own weapons and equipment before each mission. A variety of weapons and equipment are available, and players can customize their loadout based on their preferences and mission objectives.

Q: Is there a multiplayer mode in Finland Army Simulator?

A: No, there is no multiplayer mode in the game. Finland Army Simulator is a single-player game that focuses on providing a realistic and immersive experience of being a soldier in the Finnish Army.

Q: What are the system requirements for the Finnish Army Simulator?

A: The minimum system requirements for Finland Army Simulator are a 64-bit operating system, an Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card. The game also requires 30 GB of free space on the hard drive.