Frostpunk: Victorian Edition Full PC Game Download

Find out more about the Frostpunk: Victorian Edition Windows PC game here. The in-game purchase features of this Simulator Strategy game are quite entertaining. The publishers released this game on December 31st, 2018 and millions of people bought it.

Frostpunk: Overview of the Victorian Edition

Game: Frostpunk: Victorian Edition
Genre: simulator, strategy
Developer: 11-bit studios
Editor: 11-bit studios
Published on: December 31, 2018
Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)
Age ratings: Maturity (PEGI 16)
Game engine: liquid engine
Franchise: Frostpunk
Player Perspectives: Bird View / Isometric
Game modes: single player
Subjects: Survive

About Frostpunk: Victorian Edition

Frostpunk: Victorian Edition is a recently released PC game, but it’s already a popular choice on social media. Play this PC game in single player mode to break all previous records. It’s up to you whether you want to play this Simulator category game in online or offline mode.

Frostpunk is a city-builder survival game developed and published by 11 Bit Studios. Players assume the role of a leader in an alternate history set in the late 19th century, in which they must build and maintain a city and manage resources during a global volcanic winter. Make decisions on how to survive and explore the area outside of your town for survivors, resources or other useful items. The game features multiple scenarios to complete, each with its own story and different challenges

This game has various social media addresses and 845 users are following it on these platforms. 546 users have currently given it top marks and few are dissatisfied with its performance.

The game is set in an alternate year of 1886, where the eruptions of Krakatoa and Mount Tambora, darkening of the sun, and other unknown factors caused a worldwide volcanic winter, which in turn led to widespread crop failure and the deaths of millions. This event roughly coincides with the historic 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, a volcanic event that led to global cooling

Frostpunk: Victorian Edition Screenshot 1

In response, several facilities dubbed “generators” were constructed by the British Empire and the United States in the coal-rich north, designed as city centers in the event that falling temperatures force a mass migration from the south, in all scenarios the player is the leader of one City revolves around a generator and must manage resources to ensure the city’s survival

Frostpunk: Victorian Edition Screenshot 5

The game started with three scenarios, each with different backgrounds and storylines. Three additional scenarios have been added as DLCs, one free for all players and two as part of the Season Pass. Endless mode was also introduced in a later patch, which avoids narrative elements to focus on surviving for as long as possible while weathering intermediate storms

Frostpunk: Victorian Edition screenshot 2

This game has outperformed other PC games due to the use of the Liquid Engine engine. This PC game offers TPP and FPP mode gameplay to keep every user entertained.

Frostpunk: Victorian Edition screenshot 3

Frostpunk: Victorian Edition screenshot 4

This video game features a survival-based theme and is quite unique and impressive. This wonderful PC game has made the Frostpunk franchise very popular with fans.

Platforms like PC (Microsoft Windows) offer great support to run this fun game. The developers last updated this game on September 3rd, 2019 to fix issues reported by users.

You can download this game below. 😉

Download Frostpunk: Victorian Edition for PC

Game Name: Frostpunk: Victorian Edition

Supported platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Languages: ENG, FR, PL, IT, DE, RU

Recommended Requirements

  • CPU Speed: Quad-Core Intel or AMD, 3.0 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 2048MB
  • OS: WIN 10, 8, 7
  • VIDEO CARD: Hardware accelerated graphics with dedicated memory
  • Free disk space: 13 GB

How to download Frostpunk: Victorian Edition on PC?

To download and install Frostpunk: Victorian Edition on PC, here are some instructions you need to follow. You don’t need a torrent ISO as it is a game installer. Below are some steps go through to install and play the game.

  1. First, click the Download Game button above.
  2. Download Frostpunk: Victorian Edition .msi Installer on your PC.
  3. Open the installer, click Next and install.
  4. Now open the Frostpunk: Victorian Edition game installer from the desktop.
  5. Follow all the instructions and download the game (it may take some time).
  6. The game installation will now start.
  7. Open “Frostpunk: Victorian Edition Game” and play.