Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition is an exciting game set in a fictional world where a nuclear catastrophe has left the once peaceful city of Houston in ruins. Played from a first-person shooter perspective, the game features a gripping story that follows a team of survivors as they attempt to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

The game’s stunning graphics and sound effects create an immersive gaming experience as players immerse themselves in a world full of danger and uncertainty. The game features a variety of weapons, including shotguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers that can be used to defeat the various enemies lurking around every corner.

Download Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition today and experience the thrill of surviving in a world torn apart by nuclear war. With its stunning graphics, engaging story, and fast-paced action, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So don’t wait any longer, hit the download button and start your journey towards survival today!

Ground Zero Texas – Free Download Nuclear Edition PC Game Preinstalled in Direct Link. Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition was released on March 23, 2021

More about this game

The helicopter kicks up dust when landing. Through the haze of dirt and sand you can make out El Cadrón, a small, ramshackle border town in Texas. It seems pretty quiet, but people have been disappearing. As an expert in tactical weapons, you will soon discover that it is plagued by aliens disguised as humans. Welcome to Ground Zero Texas. Armed with four BattleCams equipped with a particle beam that stuns aliens and a RoverCam used to search for the Reticulan weapons cache, you’re plunged into a Wild West sci-fi gun fest. Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition is a full motion video sci-fi western shooter and is the latest remaster from the Digital Pictures library. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, GZT now has a level of quality never experienced in its previous release (1993) and has also been expanded with additional content such as deleted scenes, alternate scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, production and development documents, and deleted scenes. . As a tactical weapons expert, your job is to monitor multiple locations in a fictional city for alien activity and protect the citizens.

  • Directed by Dwight H. Little (Halloween 4).
  • Written by Edward Neumeier (Robocop).

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600
  • Storage: 7 GB of available space


Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition: Pros and Cons

Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition is a 1993 full motion video (FMV) game that has recently gained attention due to its re-release on modern platforms. The game follows the story of a journalist who investigates a paranormal incident in a small Texas town. With its unique gameplay and 90s nostalgia, the game has its strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of the game.


  • Entertaining Plot: The plot of the game is intriguing and keeps you hooked throughout the game.
  • Multiple Endings: Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition offers multiple endings based on your choices, adding replay value to the game.
  • Authentic 90s Atmosphere: The game features a unique 90s atmosphere, which is sure to entertain nostalgia lovers.
  • Innovative Gameplay – The game makes use of the FMV format in an exciting way, mixing live action sequences with gameplay mechanics.


  • Outdated Graphics: The game’s graphics are dated and not up to par with modern games, which may turn off some players.
  • Short game length: The game is relatively short and players complete it in a few hours, which may not be worth the price for some players.
  • Platform Limitations: Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition is only available on a few select platforms, limiting its accessibility.
  • Repetitive Gameplay: The game mechanics become repetitive over time and may become boring for some players.

Overall, Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition is a unique experience that is sure to entertain lovers of FMV games and 90s nostalgia. However, the game’s limitations and outdated graphics may put off some players. Ultimately, it is up to individual preferences to give the game a chance or not.

Ground Zero Texas FAQ – Nuclear Edition Gameplay

Q: What is Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition?

Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition is an interactive cinema video game that was released in 1993 for Sega CD and later, in 1994, for DOS. The game features an alien invasion story set in Texas in which you, as the player, can influence the outcome.

Q: What is the gameplay of Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition?

The gameplay is quite different from traditional video games. The game plays out like a movie, with real actors and filming locations. You, as the player, can interact with the characters and the environment by selecting different actions from a menu while the action is taking place.

Q: Is it possible to die in Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition?

Yes, it is possible to die in the game. You have to make the right decisions and choose the right actions to avoid getting killed. However, the game features a rewind feature that allows you to rewind the story and make different decisions in case you die or fail a mission.

Q: How long does it take to complete the game?

The game can be completed in approximately 2 hours. However, the game has multiple endings depending on the decisions you make and actions you take during the story. Therefore, you can replay the game several times to explore the different outcomes.

Q: Is there any replay value in Ground Zero Texas – Nuclear Edition?

Yes, there is replay value in the game. The game features a branching narrative system that allows you to experience different endings and outcomes depending on your choices and actions. Additionally, the game has a scoring system that encourages you to replay and try to beat your previous score by making better decisions.