Hunt The Night is a game full of action, adventure and emotions that will keep your adrenaline racing. The game takes place in a mystical world where you must embark on a journey to fight evil and defend humanity from dark forces. The game’s story is captivating and will keep you glued to the screen for hours.

As you progress through the game, you will have to overcome a series of challenges, including fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and exploring different territories. You will need to perfect your combat skills, master different weapons and use your special abilities to defeat your enemies. The game has stunning graphics and sound effects that will make you feel part of the action.

Hunt The Night is an immersive game that will take you on the journey of your life. With its unique gameplay and story, it is a great choice for anyone looking for an adventure-filled experience. Why not download the game today and join the fight against evil in this mystical world? Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to take on the challenges and explore the magical world of Hunt The Night!

Hunt The Night PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. Hunt The Night was released on April 13, 2023.

More about this game

Hunt the Night is a retro-style action-adventure game that combines fast, slick gameplay with a dark fantasy story. He plays as Vesper, a righteous member of ‘The Stalkers’, and explores the vast world of Medhram, a place filled with ruins and horrors. He traverses dungeons filled with gruesome enemies, fights challenging bosses, and uses your arsenal of weapons and dark powers to take back the Night. It is the ninth era of humanity. The day cycle is governed by humans, the night cycle by horrible creatures. Despite his efforts, humanity is annihilated with each coming of Night. A group of humans, who called themselves ‘The Stalkers’, discovered how to use the power of darkness to their advantage and fought against the Night. However, it was not enough, and with each new dawn humanity was resurrected knowing that, with darkness, comes extinction. Humanity found the ‘Seal of the Night’, an artifact that allowed them to stop the cycle into an eternal day. In exchange for a blood oath that The Stalkers were willing to pay, the sun ruled for hundreds of generations and, for the first time, hope was a beacon of light. However, fate proved unstoppable and they paid the ultimate price. Now, as the Night begins to devour every glimmer of light, Vesper, a rightful Stalker and daughter of the traitor, will travel across a dying land trying to save the last embers of humanity. She hunts in a race against fate, as shadows lengthen both in the world and in her mind. Immersive music adapted to each moment, boss and location, with the collaboration of Hiroki Kikuta, composer of Secret of Mana.

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows 7 and higher
  • Processor: Intel i3-6100
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710
  • Storage: 9 GB of available space
  • Additional notes: 1080p, 16:9 recommended


Pros and cons of playing Hunt The Night

Hunt The Night is a popular retro-style action-adventure game that allows players to explore a dark and dangerous world as vampire hunters. While the game is popular among players, it also has its fair share of pros and cons. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of playing Hunt The Night.


  • Engaging Gameplay – Hunt The Night’s gameplay is engaging and challenging, making it an exciting experience for players who enjoy action-packed games.
  • Strategic Gameplay: The game requires players to use strategy and patience to progress through different levels, which can be a great way to exercise your critical thinking skills.
  • Stunning Visuals: The visual design of the game is stunning, paying homage to classic games from the 80s.
  • Cool Soundtrack – Hunt The Night’s music is a great mix of synthwave, giving the game a cool, nostalgic feel.
  • Interesting Story: The story of the game is intriguing and adds depth to the gaming experience, making it more immersive.


  • Steep Learning Curve: The game’s difficulty level may be too high for some players, making it difficult to advance through different levels.
  • Repetitive Gameplay: While the game has many levels, some of the game mechanics can become repetitive, making the experience less engaging.
  • No multiplayer option: Players can only play Hunt The Night as a single-player game and cannot compete against others online, making it less social than other games.
  • Not suitable for all ages: Due to its violent imagery, Hunt The Night is not recommended for younger players, making it less accessible.
  • It may not have lasting appeal – some players may not find the game replayable or may lose interest after completing it once, making it a poor long-term investment.


Hunt The Night is a fun and entertaining game with unique gameplay and an engaging story. While it has its fair share of disadvantages, such as a steep learning curve and lack of multiplayer options, it makes up for them with its interesting visuals, great soundtrack, and strategic gameplay. Ultimately, whether you enjoy playing Hunt The Night will depend on your personal preferences and gaming habits.

Hunt The Night Game FAQ

Q: What is Hunt The Night?

Hunt The Night is a rogue-like action game set in a dark fantasy world. It is developed by Moonlight Games and offers a challenging experience that combines platforming, combat and exploration.

Q: What platforms is the game available on?

Hunt The Night is currently available for PC (Windows) via Steam and The developers have announced plans to release the game on consoles as well, but no specific details have been given yet.

Q: What is the gameplay like?

As a player, you will navigate a procedurally generated world and fight a variety of monsters, bosses, and other challenges. The game features a variety of weapons, skills, and upgrades that can be unlocked and upgraded over time.

Q: How difficult is the game?

Hunt The Night is designed to be challenging and some players may find it difficult at times. However, the game offers multiple difficulty levels and a progressive system that allows you to gradually improve your skills as you play.

Q: What is the objective of the game?

The main objective of Hunt The Night is to advance through the game’s levels and defeat the final boss. Along the way, you’ll discover the story behind the game’s world and characters.