Koloro Download Full PC Game

Can you run Koloro on Windows 8 laptop if you know how to download it on PC? Let’s look around here. This Platform, Puzzle, Indie, Arcade category game has been a topic of discussion among leading video game developers. The developers released this PC game on May 18th, 2018 to attract all video game enthusiasts.

Koloro overview

Game: Coloro
Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Indie, Arcade
Developer: light maze
Editor: Sköll Studio, QubicGames SA
Published on: May 18, 2018
Platforms: Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
Age ratings: All (PEGI 16)
Game engine: Unit
Languages: English, Roman, Danish
Player Perspectives: side view
Game modes: Single player, multiplayer, cooperative
Subjects: action

About Koloro

New Koloro game will delight you if you love action racing games. Set this video game to a multiplayer mode to enjoy the gameplay with your friend. The studio released this exciting game on May 18th, 2018.

Koloro screenshot 4


Koloro is a contemplative puzzle/platform game. His story reveals a poetic world. The graphics and atmosphere are enhanced by contrasts and enchanting sound effects and music

Koloro screenshot 3

Koloro screenshot 5

You play Kora, who goes in search of her missing sister. You must find the courage to overcome obstacles and face strange creatures to guide them through dangerous levels full of secrets and open doors

Control the water to find new ways through the levels. Discover many new and interesting gameplay features as you make your way through the game’s four worlds


In Koloro, you cannot choose your character’s path

The only way to turn back is to wall jump. So you have to face the dangers and solve puzzles to reach the portal using only the jump button!


You’ll also be able to face dangers and solve the puzzles with a friend, since an alternative story mode for two players with shared screen is available like in the single player mode

It is the latest platform, puzzle, indie and arcade game with lots of hard and exciting challenges. All Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platform users can get this video game for free.

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As a newly launched PC game, it received top ratings from only 8210 users. Every video enthusiast would like to play this game because its action theme offers a unique gaming experience.

4196 players have rewarded this game with top ratings for this exceptional performance. The developers last updated this game on February 13th, 2019 to solve the issues players were facing.

According to 8550 reviewers, it is the best PC game in this category.

The developers have used the Unity gaming engine to create this new PC game. You will find it quite impressive that this PC game has more than 12863 users following its social network accounts.

You can download this game below. 😉

Download Koloro for PC

Game name: Koloro

Supported platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Languages: ENG, FR, PL, IT, DE, RU

Recommended Requirements

  • Vertex Shader: 4.1
  • CPU Speed: 1.5GHz
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series graphics card or higher
  • Operating system: Windows 10, 8 and 7
  • Pixel shaders: 4.1
  • Memory: 6GB

How do I download Koloro on PC?

To download and install Koloro on PC, you need to follow some instructions here. You don’t need a torrent ISO as it is a game installer. Below are some steps go through to install and play the game.

  1. First, click the Download Game button above.
  2. Download Koloro .msi Installer on your PC.
  3. Open the installer, click Next and install.
  4. Now open the Koloro game installer from the desktop.
  5. Follow all the instructions and download the game (it may take some time).
  6. The game installation will now start.
  7. Open Koloro Game and play.