Monster Hunter Rise is an exciting, action-packed game that has taken the world by storm. Developed and published by Capcom, this game is loved by gamers around the world for its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and immersive story. In Monster Hunter Rise, players take on the role of a hunter and travel to the vibrant world of Kamura Village, where they must fight fierce monsters and complete challenging quests.

This game allows players to take on challenging monsters using a variety of weapons and tools. With each hunt, players will develop new skills, acquire loot, and create better equipment to take on even greater challenges. Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a new player, Monster Hunter Rise guarantees hours of entertainment and excitement.

The game features unique monsters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, ensuring no two hunts are the same. Players can play alone or with friends in cooperative mode, making the game even more fun. With the release of v13.0.0.1 and ALL DLC, the game offers even more exciting content for players to explore, from new monsters and quests to new weapons and armor.

Overall, Monster Hunter Rise is a must-play game for anyone looking for an unforgettable gaming experience. Download it now and join the community of hunters around the world who have fallen in love with this fantastic game.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. MONSTER HUNTER RISE was released on January 12, 2022

More about this game

Accept the challenge and join the hunt! In Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in the award-winning and best-selling Monster Hunter series, you will become a hunter, explore all-new maps and use a variety of weapons to defeat fearsome monsters as part of a new adventure. history. The PC version also comes with a number of additional visual and performance optimizations. Hunt a large number of monsters with different behaviors and deadly ferocity. From returning classic monsters to all-new creatures inspired by Japanese folklore, including the signature wyvern Magnamalo, you’ll have to think on your feet and master their unique tendencies if you hope to reap any of the rewards! Wield 14 different weapon types that offer unique playstyles, both close-up and long-range. Charge and strike hard with the devastating Great Sword; dispatch monsters in style using the elegant Long Sword; Become a deadly maelstrom of swords with the speedy dual swords; charge with the punishing spear; or aim from a distance with the bow and crossbows. These are just a few of the weapon types available in the game, meaning you’re sure to find a playstyle that suits you best. Each monster you hunt will provide you with materials that allow you to create new weapons and armor and upgrade your existing equipment. Return to the field and hunt even fiercer monsters and earn even better rewards! You can change your weapon in any of the Equipment Boxes at any time, so the possibilities are endless!

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • SW: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4130 or Core™ i5-3470 or AMD FX™-6100
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 1030 (DDR4) or AMD Radeon™ RX 550
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Grid: Broadband Internet Connection
  • Storage: 36 GB of available space
  • Additional notes: 1080p/30fps when graphics settings are set to “Low”. System requirements are subject to change during game development.


Pros and cons of Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is a game that has taken the world by storm since its release. This game has received a lot of attention from players and it is important to understand both its advantages and disadvantages. These are the pros and cons of Monster Hunter Rise that you should know before you start playing.


  • Monster Hunter Rise’s gameplay is incredibly engaging and fun. Players have to hunt different monsters to complete quests and progress in the game. Each monster has unique abilities and weaknesses, making it a challenging experience.
  • The graphics of the game are impressive. The monsters are beautifully designed and the environments are rich and detailed. Players will feel like they are really in the world of Monster Hunter.
  • The game encourages players to team up with others online to complete missions together. This aspect adds a lot of replayability to the game, as players can have different experiences depending on who they team up with.
  • The game has many weapon and armor customization options. This feature allows players to customize their gaming experience and create unique strategies to take down monsters.
  • The game receives regular updates that add new content such as monsters, areas, and weapons. This aspect keeps the game fresh and exciting for players.


  • The game may not be for everyone, especially those who don’t enjoy action RPGs. The gameplay is fast-paced and can be overwhelming for some players.
  • The multiplayer system can sometimes be difficult to navigate, which is frustrating for players who want to team up with others.
  • The game can take quite a while. Completing quests can take a while and it can be challenging for those who have limited free time to play the game consistently.
  • The game’s story is relatively simple and may not offer as much depth as some players would like.
  • The game requires an internet connection to play. This aspect can be problematic for players who do not have a reliable internet connection or who prefer to play offline.

Overall, Monster Hunter Rise is an excellent game that has a lot to offer, but it also has its downsides. Before diving into the game, it is vital to consider the pros and cons to see if it is the right game for you. With its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and customization options, it’s no surprise that Monster Hunter Rise has quickly become a fan favorite.



MONSTER HUNTER RISE is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. It is available on Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. Players can take on the role of a hunter and explore a world filled with various monsters and creatures to hunt.

Q: How do I hunt monsters in MONSTER HUNTER RISE?

Players can hunt monsters by selecting a quest and traveling to the designated location. Once there, they must locate the monster in question and engage in combat. Players can use their weapons and various tools, such as traps and bombs, to defeat monsters and collect valuable resources.

Q: What are the different weapons available in MONSTER HUNTER RISE?

There are 14 different weapon types in MONSTER HUNTER RISE, ranging from light and agile weapons like the Dual Blades to heavy and powerful weapons like the Great Sword. Each weapon type has its own unique moves and combos, allowing players to find and master their preferred playstyle.

Q: How do I improve my character in MONSTER HUNTER RISE?

Players can upgrade their character by creating new armor and weapons using materials collected from defeated monsters and completing quests. Improved equipment offers greater defense and attack capabilities, making it easier to take on more challenging monsters and progress through the game.

Q: Can I play MONSTER HUNTER RISE with friends?

Yes, MONSTER HUNTER RISE offers local and online multiplayer modes, allowing players to team up with friends and take on monsters together. Players can also visit other players’ villages and trade or share resources.