no delivery is an indie horror game that combines elements of survival, exploration, and puzzle solving. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you play as a survivor who must navigate through a desolate city infested with terrifying creatures and avoid getting killed. Your goal is to find food and supplies to survive while uncovering the secrets of the city’s demise.

In this game, you must use your wits, intuition and reflexes to escape from danger. You will come across various challenging obstacles that require creative thinking and problem solving skills. The game’s haunting atmosphere, intense sound effects, and chilling graphics perfectly capture the sense of dread that every horror game should have.

Overall, No Delivery is a must-play game for horror game fans who want a unique and terrifying gaming experience. So, what are you waiting for? Discharge no delivery now and get ready to enter a world where survival is the only option.

No Delivery PC Game Free Download Pre-Installed Direct Link. No Delivery was launched on June 11, 2023

More about this game

No Delivery is a procedurally generated CRPG pizza parlor simulator where you are the newest in a long line of employees at a decrepit local pizzeria. Despite the rumours, the shady history and the missing persons cases, you sign up for the night shift because it pays a little more and all the kids’ birthday parties should be over by then…

Luckily, it will be a boring job in an empty pizzeria… right?

Get ready for…

  • Challenging turn-based RPG combat!
  • Procedurally generated dungeons!
  • High employee turnover rate!
  • Financial management for a haunted restaurant!
  • Entrepreneurial idiot!

Content Warning: Flashing + Strobe Lights & Effects, Blood, Animal Killing, Mild Language & Suggestive Themes.

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events, people, or places is purely coincidental.

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz equivalent Intel Core i5 CPU or faster processor
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Storage: 550MB of available space


The pros and cons of playing “No Surrender”

“No Delivery” is a horror game that has been gaining popularity in the gaming community. It is a game that puts players in the shoes of a pizza delivery guy in a spooky, dark and spooky city. As with any game, “No Delivery” has its pros and cons that players should be aware of before jumping in.


  • The game has stunning graphics that bring the horror environment to life which makes the game even more immersive.
  • The game is challenging which makes it a great choice for gamers who love horror and suspense. The game requires players to solve puzzles to progress through each level, bringing a level of mental stimulation to the game.
  • The sound effects and music of the game sets the mood and creates an eerie atmosphere that adds to the overall experience of the game.
  • The game’s story and character development are impressive and thought-provoking.


  • The game can be scary and unsettling for some players. Not recommended for players who don’t appreciate graphic violence or jump scares.
  • The game’s puzzles can be difficult to solve, which can be frustrating for players who prefer simple games with a clear path to complete them.
  • The game is slow paced which may not be suitable for players who prefer fast paced gameplay.
  • The game doesn’t have much replay value. After the game is completed, players may not be interested in playing it again.

All in all, “No Delivery” is an excellent game for players who love horror, suspense, and puzzles. However, it is not recommended for those who do not appreciate creepy and disturbing gameplay.

FAQ: game without delivery

1. What is Non-Delivery?

No Delivery is a survival horror game focused on exploration and atmosphere. You play as a courier delivering a package to a strange location only to find yourself trapped in a sinister underground facility.

2. How do I play without delivery?

No Delivery is played from a first-person perspective using standard PC controls (WASD movement, mouse to look around, etc.). Your main goal is to explore the facility, find clues about what is happening, and avoid or defeat the strange beings that inhabit it.

3. Is there any combat in No Delivery?

Yes, combat is a big part of the game in No Delivery. You can find and use a variety of weapons to defeat the creatures that get in your way. However, resources are scarce, so you must choose carefully when to fight and when to run.

4. Can I save my progress in No Delivery?

No Delivery has an automatic save system that saves your progress at key points in the game. However, if you exit the game before reaching one of these points, you will lose all progress made since the last save.

5. Is No Delivery a multiplayer game?

No, No Delivery is a single player game with no multiplayer or co-op modes. The game is designed to be a solitary experience that immerses you in its haunting atmosphere.