Omar Sharif Bridge Download Full PC Game

Have you found the Omar Sharif Bridge anywhere on the internet? Get this full version of the game right here. This strategy game is able to surpass all its competitors. This PC game was available for purchase immediately upon its release on February 17th, 2009.

Overview of the Omar Sharif Bridge

Game: Omar Sharif Bridge
Genre: strategy
Reviews: 96.16
Followers: 16960+ users
Published on: February 17, 2009
Platforms: iOS
Age ratings: Young people (PEGI 16)
Score: 7.7 out of 10
Languages: English, German, Greek, Polish
Countries: Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, UK, USA, Russia
Updated on: 05.09.2019
Subjects: simulation

Over the Omar Sharif Bridge

Omar Sharif Bridge offers what many other PC games these days lack. You can only play this video game in single player mode. 16960 followers interact with the social media team of this pc game on different social media platforms.

Welcome to the 2018 Edition of Omar Sharif Bridge Featuring a faster and smoother user interface, as well as a more powerful, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engine, the 2018 edition celebrates over 35 years of bringing you the very best in bridge card games

Omar Sharif Bridge supports 2 variants of bridge game: Rubber and Chicago Bridge

Omar Sharif Bridge Screenshot 1

Omar Sharif Bridge Screenshot 3

Bridge is played by four players forming two partnerships. Players within a partnership face each other at the bridge table

Omar Sharif Bridge Screenshot 5

Traditionally, the players are named according to the cardinal points – north, east, south and west. The two partnerships are North/South and East/West

In Rubber Bridge, a rubber is played as the best of three games. A game is won by the first partnership to score 100 or more points in successful contracts

In Chicago Bridge you play four hands of bridge. The winner is the partnership that scores the most points in those hands

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to contact us with suggestions, comments and criticism! Please keep it up

Omar Sharif Bridge Screenshot 4

Features of Omar Sharif Bridge: • Supports 5 card majors, strong 2 clubs, weak 1NT, Jacoby transfers, weak 2 bids and 2NT 11-12 point bidding conventions • Plays Chicago (four deal) and rubber bridge • Extensive scorecard information

• Ability to find deals that match many bid criteria • Automated bidding • Bid analysis to explain bids made • Automated card play • Full undo and redo of bids and cards played

Gameplay becomes more entertaining when you switch to third-person perspective mode in this game.

Even the most experienced gamers have praised the way developers have used the simulation theme. All those HD graphics show that this game is all about strategy.

The studio plans to release this extraordinary PC game on February 17th, 2009. This PC game has impressed 3005 players which has garnered great ratings.

Omar Sharif Bridge Screenshot 2

It was released few months ago and therefore only 10750 players rated this game. More than 10919 reviewers find it impressive that this game works on all kinds of PCs.

94.26 out of 100 proves how exciting and entertaining this PC game has become.

It’s an exciting game with unique challenges and it runs on platforms like iOS. It hasn’t changed too much with the new updates released on September 5th, 2019 as the gaming experience is still great.

Download Omar Sharif Bridge for PC

Game Name: Omar Sharif Bridge

Supported platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Languages: ENG, FR, PL, IT, DE, RU

Recommended Requirements

  • CPU speed: dual core +
  • Memory: 2048MB
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8, 10 and higher.
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750
  • Free disk space: 25 GB
  • SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c compatible

How to download Omar Sharif Bridge on PC?

To download and install Omar Sharif Bridge on PC, here you need to follow some instructions. You don’t need a torrent ISO as it is a game installer. Below are some steps go through to install and play the game.

  1. First, click the Download Game button above.
  2. Download Omar Sharif Bridge .msi Installer on your PC.
  3. Open the installer, click Next and install.
  4. Now open the Omar Sharif Bridge game installer from the desktop.
  5. Follow all the instructions and download the game (it may take some time).
  6. The game installation will now start.
  7. Open Omar Sharif Bridge Game and play.