If you’re looking for a new game to add to your collection, Only Up! could be just what you need. This highly addictive platform game will have you hooked in no time. With its elegant graphics and challenging gameplay, Only Up! It will keep you entertained for hours on end.

In Only Up!, you play as a cute little character whose task is to climb increasingly difficult levels. You will need to use your platforming skills to avoid obstacles, jump over gaps and collect coins. The difficulty of the game increases as you progress so be ready for a challenge.

One of the things that sets Only Up! Apart from other platform games, there are its unique controls. Instead of the usual scheme of moving from left to right, you will only move your character up the screen. This adds a whole new level of strategy to the game as you will have to plan your jumps carefully to avoid dangers and collect coins.

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging platformer to sink your teeth into, give up Only Up! a try. You will not be disappointed.

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Just above! Free Download PC Game Pre-Installed Direct Link. Just above! was released on May 24, 2023

More about this game

You are a young teenage Jackie from the ghetto who wants to break out of poverty and embark on a journey to learn about the world and about yourself. The world has definitely gone crazy, although it has never been normal, but maybe now is your chance. Crisis is a time for action and decisive steps… except it’s scary, because each step can set you back a long way. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right path, but do not be afraid, it can always be repeated, you learn from mistakes. Jackie must learn that to reach a new place she must first jump off the ground, not knowing what will happen in the future… A samurai has no goal, only one path, stoicism, patience and cunning will help you . reach the top, but what awaits us there, you never know… Let’s go? Just above!

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • SW: Windows 8/10/11 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600@ 3.1 GHz or AMD R5 1600X @ 3.5 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or equivalent
  • DirectX: version 12
  • Storage: 6 GB of available space


The pros and cons of Only Up!

Just above! is a popular game that has caught the attention of many players from all over the world. It is a fun and addictive game that provides an exhilarating experience to the players. However, like any game, it has its pros and cons, which are worth considering before downloading and playing.


  • Entertaining Game: Just Up! offers challenging gameplay that keeps players engaged for hours. The game has an exciting story and the levels get progressively more difficult with each level giving a satisfying feeling of progression.
  • Easy to play: Just up! is an easy game to play that even new players can quickly pick up on. The controls are simple and navigating the game requires minimal effort.
  • Free to Play – The game is available to download and play for free, making it accessible to everyone who wants to try it.
  • Minimalist design – only above! It has a minimalist design that complements the challenging nature of the game. The design is also aesthetically pleasing, making it nice to look at while gaming.


  • Repetitive: Although only above! is an entertaining game, the repetitive nature of the game might put some players off. As the levels become more difficult, the player has to perform the same task repeatedly, which may cause some to lose interest.
  • Ads: The game has ads that appear frequently within the game. Although the game is free to play, the ads sometimes interfere with gameplay and can be annoying for some players.
  • Requires an online connection: Just Up! Requires an internet connection to play. This can cause problems for players when they are in an area without an internet connection.
  • Limited Customization Options – The game has limited customization options for players, which may be unappealing to some players.

In general, only above! It is a fun game with its pros and cons. It is a free game, easy to learn and challenging to beat. If you like minimalist game designs, this game will probably be for you. However, if you are easily annoyed by ads or want more customization options, this game may not be for you. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to give up Only Up! try or not

Frequently Asked Questions – Just Up! (v2023.07.07)

Q: What is OnlyUp?

Only Up is a fun and addictive game where you control a character trying to climb as high as possible.

Q: How do I play Only Up?

Use the arrow keys or slide your finger on your touchscreen device to move your character left and right. Make sure to avoid obstacles and collect coins to earn points.

Q: Is Only Up only available on PC?

No, Only Up can also be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Q: Can I play Only Up with my friends?

Only Up is a single player game, but you can challenge your friends to beat your high score.

Q: Are there different modes in Only Up?

Yes, Only Up has different game modes such as Time Attack and Arcade Mode, each with their own unique challenges and scoring systems.