S01E09 – The Circle

Our trio have all had visions under the watchful eyes of the Hathran of Urling, leaving them more confused than they were before they entered the witches’ lairs.  Is anything in Rashemen ever straightforward?

Listen in and find out what the Hathran have in store for our heroines.

We welcome guest player Kristine Chester from Heroes of the Hydian Way as well as Victoria’s husband, Kevin Patrick making an appearance as the Great Stag.

Next episode will be up Saturday, February 24th.

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S01E08 – The Great Stag

Mépris is summoned by the hathran, and as per usual, Bianca leads Victoria down unexpected paths.

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We have special guests lined up for you in the coming weeks.  Kristine from Heroes of the Hydian Way and Daniel from Bros and Dragons will be playing some important NPCs.

Next episode is up February 10th.

See CC Attribution for both music and SFX here.

S01E07 – The Gazing Pool

Yllairies leaves her meeting with the hathran Nythra both bemused and shaken.  It is Keilah’s turn to meet with the Witches of Rashemen.  Will she be able to face her past?

Meanwhile, Mépris makes an unexpected friend.

Our next episode will be up January 27th!

Please see CC attribution information for sound effects used in this episode here.

S01E06 – Yllairies’ Dream

Yllairies is summoned by the hathran, but it doesn’t quite go as she expected.  Meanwhile, Keilah and Mépris bond and get up to some shenanigans.

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S01E05 – The Lover’s Noose

Can’t a woman get some sleep?  Apparently not, because these women have bloodshot eyes and tension headaches.  The Not So Merry Three learn that there is more to Borovic’s story than meets the eye.

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Our regularly scheduled episode will be up on December 30th.

Please see CC attribution information for sound effects used in this episode here.