Rogue Dungeon is an exciting role-playing game that offers players the opportunity to explore dangerous dungeons, fight fierce enemies and collect valuable loot. This action-packed game has been optimized for mobile devices and provides players with an immersive gaming experience that is sure to keep them coming back for more.

In Rogue Dungeon, players take on the role of a powerful adventurer who must navigate through treacherous dungeons in search of epic loot and valuable treasure. Along the way, players will encounter a variety of challenging enemies and obstacles that will test their combat skills.

With its addictive gameplay, stunning graphics and challenging gameplay, Rogue Dungeon is a game that anyone looking for an exciting and engaging role-playing experience should try. So why wait? Discharge Rogue Dungeon Now and start exploring the depths of the dungeon today!

Rogue Dungeon PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in direct link. Rogue Dungeon was released on June 7, 2023

More about this game

Rogue Dungeon is highly replayable and packed with themes. There aren’t many games that allow you to go from zero to hero in thirty minutes. At its core, it is a loot management game and that is where its charm comes from. You can start the game with a piece of meat, which you use to charm a wolf, which helps you defeat the zombie who drops a lockpick, which you use to open the safe, where you find the jeweled cup, which you exchange for a lucky shield, which you use to block the Dragon’s fire.

Rogue Dungeon is hard and you WILL DIE! However, experience and skillful play will ensure that veteran rogues make it out of the dungeon alive. That’s more than you’ll want. You’re going to end up in the belly of a Goblin. Prove us wrong!

Choose your rogue, grab your starting loot, grab your skills, set your starting stats, and enter the dungeon. Choose which room to navigate to via the minimaps. The rooms are divided into the following types….

  • Traders: Give you the option to trade loot or stats for other loot, stats, or minions. Some trades involve a stat check or the luck of a die. Loot traders typically trade two items for any item they offer for trade. They make exceptions for shiny things and will trade any item for a single treasure.
  • Combat: Most combat rooms draw 1 to 3 monsters from the monster deck equal to the dungeon level. Combat is resolved using your primary Rogues stat and a D10. If the two combined are greater than the monster’s combat stats, your Rogue hits the monster. If it is less, the monster hits your Rogue. If it is equal, both are hit. Damage can be negated by discarding armor or playing a skill or magic item. You can consume potions and food at any time to increase your health and prevent death. Some monsters have a soft spot for specific themed loot and are defeated immediately, such as when Medusa looks at her face in the mirror’s reflection. Once a monster’s health reaches zero, the monster dies and you receive loot and XP equal to the dungeon level.
  • Traps: There are traps in the dungeon, but most can be disarmed or avoided if you have the right equipment. Even if the gremlins ran away with your rope, there’s always a chance you’ll emerge unscathed if you pass an appropriate Strength, Agility, or Intelligence check. If successful, the tests result in an XP reward and prevent any potential harm.

All rolls can be manipulated with the use of the luck stat. Spending a chance will allow you to change the result of a die by 1 up or down, or allow a complete reroll.

The game progresses through 5 dungeon levels separated by a staircase. You can camp on the stairs without the threat of a wandering monster interrupting your nap. You can level your Rogue at any time as long as you have XP. When you reach the last room, draw a boss monster and fight. Many monsters have special abilities activated depending on your attack roll. They can summon additional monsters, drain your level, heal, etc.

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows 7 SP1
  • Processor: Dual core 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB VRAM/DirectX 10+ support
  • Storage: 1 GB of available space


Pros and cons of Rogue Dungeon

Rogue Dungeon is a popular action-packed role-playing game available on multiple platforms. While there are many players who swear by this game and its addictive gameplay, there are others who have mixed feelings about it. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Rogue Dungeon.


  • Addictive game: Rogue Dungeon has a high replay value due to its randomly generated dungeon levels. Keeps you engaged for longer periods of time.
  • Gorgeous graphics: The art in Rogue Dungeon is top notch. The visuals are stunning and the animations are fluid, providing an immersive experience for players.
  • Multiple classes: The game features different classes to choose from, including warriors, magicians, archers, and others. Each class has its unique skills and combat styles, which makes the game more interesting and challenging.
  • Various enemies: The game features a wide range of enemies to fight, from goblins, skeletons, and orcs to larger, more dangerous bosses at the end of each level.


  • Randomness can be frustrating: While the randomness in the levels ensures a unique experience every time, it can be frustrating if you’re dealt a bad hand. There’s no option to go back to a previous level, so you’ll likely lose all your progress if you die.
  • Without multiplayer: Rogue Dungeon is a solo game, which can be a disadvantage for some players who prefer to play with friends or against other players online.
  • Expensive in-app purchases: While the game is free, it has in-app purchases that can be quite expensive. This may discourage some players who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a mobile game.

Rogue Dungeon has a lot to offer role-playing game lovers. Its addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and different classes make it a favorite of many. However, the game can be frustrating due to its randomized levels, lack of multiplayer, and expensive in-app purchases. Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide if the game is worth it.

FAQ – Rogue Dungeon Gameplay (v1.06.18)

Q: How do I control my character?

A: You can move your character using the arrow keys or WASD keys on your keyboard. To attack enemies, simply move towards them and your character will automatically attack.

Q: What are the different types of enemies I will encounter?

A: There are several types of enemies in Rogue Dungeon, including skeletons, goblins, trolls, and giant spiders. Each enemy has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to take note of them as you progress through the game.

Q: What is the objective of the game?

A: The objective of Rogue Dungeon is to explore randomly generated dungeons and defeat the final boss at the end of each stage. You’ll need to collect gold, weapons, and armor along the way to improve your chances of success.

Q: How do I save my progress?

A: Rogue Dungeon automatically saves your progress as you play. However, if you close the game before completing a stage, you will have to start from the beginning of that stage when you resume the game.

Q: Are there cheats or hacks for Rogue Dungeon?

A: No, there are no cheats or hacks for Rogue Dungeon. The game is designed to be challenging and cheating will only diminish the sense of achievement that comes from successfully completing each stage.