After a night of prophetic dreams in the shadow of the Moss Stones, the caravan members awake to find interlopers in their midst. . .

Next episode comes out Dec 16th, 2017.

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Kristin Flemons
Hey, I'm Kristin, a passionate gamer and experienced author with a love for gaming and video games. Recently, I moved to Seattle, and I'm in awe of the quality of the beer and the sheer number of dogs per capita in this amazing city. When I'm not busy with my grad school work, I'm usually found engrossed in science fiction and fantasy novels, challenging myself with heavy weights at the gym, or diving headfirst into my latest video game obsession. Although I've struggled in the past, I'm always up for trying new games, even if I fail spectacularly at first. While I had very little experience with tabletop RPGs before, they have quickly become my newest obsession. I love exploring the worlds, creating characters, and going on adventures with my friends. I believe that gaming can be a powerful tool for building connections and discovering new experiences, and I'm excited to share my passion and knowledge with others.