Listen in while Victoria, Kristin, Bianca and Tracy answer questions asked by Patrons.  They cover everything from which fictional women Kristin wants to lift with, to how to promote inclusivity in your gaming community and what DnD means to each of them.  Bianca and Victoria soldiered on through a 3.6 magnitude earthquake, ‘cos the show must go on and all that.

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Upcoming guests include Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar, Russ More from Dumbgeons and Dragons, Jeremy Oleksa of The Dice Unkind, and Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains!

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Bianca Zelda
Hey there, I'm Bianca, a 26 year old university student based in Windsor, Ontario, and I'm passionate about gaming and video games. When I'm not studying or working, you can usually find me immersing myself in the world of League of Legends or binge-watching my favorite anime series. As an animal lover, I have two dogs and two cats, and if I could, I would adopt two of every animal in the world. While I haven't had much experience with Dungeons and Dragons, I've read numerous tie-in novels by some of my favorite authors, including R.A Salvatore, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman. These books helped fuel my imagination and inspired me to explore different gaming worlds. I believe that gaming is an excellent way to unwind and escape from the stresses of everyday life, and I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. Whether it's providing tips on gameplay or reviewing the latest releases, I'm always happy to help fellow gamers discover new and exciting experiences.