Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game developed by Endnight Games Ltd. It is the sequel to their previous game, The Forest. The game takes place in a mysterious forest, where you play as one of the survivors of a plane crash. You must explore the forest, gather resources, build shelters and defend yourself from dangerous creatures while discovering the secrets of the forest.

The game features stunning graphics and creates an immersive atmosphere. The player needs to find ways to survive in an environment that is both beautiful and hostile. The game includes elements of crafting, exploration, and combat, allowing players to experience different aspects of the game.

Sons of the Forest has received high praise from players and is considered one of the best survival horror games. This game is the perfect experience for players looking for an exciting adventure amidst the dangers of a dark and mysterious forest. To enjoy the game, download Sons of the Forest now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Sons of the Forest PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. Sons of the Forest premiered on February 23, 2023.

More about this game

A completely new experience from the creators of ‘The Forest’. Sent to search for a missing billionaire on a remote island, you find yourself in a cannibal-infested hell. Create, build and fight to survive, alone or with friends, in this terrifying new open-world survival horror simulator. A survival horror simulator. Experience complete freedom to face the world however you want. You decide what to do, where to go and how best to survive. There are no NPCs shouting orders at you or giving you quests you don’t want to do. You give the orders, you choose what happens next. Enter a world where nowhere is safe and fight a variety of mutated creatures, some that are almost human and others that are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Armed with guns, axes, stun batons and more, protect yourself and your loved ones. Feel every interaction; Break sticks to make fire. Use an ax to cut windows and floors. Build a small cabin or a seaside resort, the choice is yours. Pluck fresh salmon straight from the streams in spring and summer. Collect and store meat for the cold winter months. You’re not alone on this island, so as winter comes and food and resources become scarce, you won’t be the only one searching for food. Survive alone or with friends. Share items and work together to build defenses. Bring reinforcements to explore above and below ground.

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • SW: Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: INTEL CORE I5-8400 or AMD RYZEN 3 3300X
  • Memory: 12GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB or AMD Radeon RX 570 4 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB of available space
  • Additional notes: SSD (preferred)


Pros and cons of playing Sons of the Forest (v35237)

If you are a fan of survival games, Sons of the Forest can be a great option. This game is among the most popular on the market and promises an adventure experience in the middle of the forest. These are the pros and cons of playing Sons of the Forest (v35237).


  • Realistic graphics: The game has fantastic visuals that make it more immersive and engaging. The graphics are incredibly detailed and the game’s shadows and lighting effects also add more depth to the game.
  • Intense action: Sons of the Forest has some of the scariest creatures you will face in the game. Defending yourself against these creatures requires excellent skills and strategies, which adds to the excitement of the game.
  • Customization options: The game offers a wide range of customization options that give the player more control over their gaming experience. You can customize your character, weapons and items to suit your play style.
  • Creative Building System: Sons of the Forest has a creative building system that allows players to build their base in the forest. You can use resources like wood to build shelters, traps, and other structures, which enhances the survival aspect of the game.
  • Challenging gameplay: The game offers a challenging gaming experience that keeps you entertained for hours. There are several modes in the game that offer different levels of difficulty, which significantly increases the replayability factor of the game.


  • Might be too challenging for casual players: The game offers an intense and challenging gaming experience, which may not be suitable for casual players. The game requires a lot of time and effort to understand its mechanics, which can be daunting for some players.
  • Errors and glitches: Like any other game, Sons of the Forest (v35237) has many bugs and glitches. Some players have reported encountering bugs that break the game and hinder their progression in the game.
  • Repetitive gameplay: Despite the game’s challenges, some players may find the game repetitive after playing for a while. The survival aspect of the game can start to get monotonous after a few hours of play, which can make the game less fun over time.

Overall, Sons of the Forest is undoubtedly one of the best survival games on the market, thanks to its impressive graphics, gameplay, and customization options. However, the game’s challenging gameplay and bugs may be daunting for some players. However, if you are a fan of the genre, you should definitely consider giving Sons of the Forest a try.

Frequent questions

1. What is Children of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that takes place in a mysterious forest full of dangerous creatures and cultists.

2. How is the gameplay?

The game involves exploring the forest, collecting resources, crafting tools and weapons, building shelters, and fighting enemies. The game also includes puzzles and a story to follow.

3. Do I need to play the first game to understand Sons of the Forest?

No, Sons of the Forest is a standalone game and does not require any prior knowledge or experience with the first game.

4. What are the system requirements to play Sons of the Forest?

Minimum system requirements are Windows 7 64-bit operating system, Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent, 8 GB of RAM, and a DirectX 11 compatible video card with 2 GB of VRAM. However, higher specifications can provide a better gaming experience.

5. Is there an online multiplayer mode available in the game?

No, there is no online multiplayer mode available in Sons of the Forest. The game is designed to be played solo or in local co-op with up to four players on the same device.