Enter the fascinating world of Space Pirates and Zombies 2, where you lead a team of rebel operators fighting to survive in the galaxy. In this space-themed open-world game, players navigate through treacherous terrain and battle challenging enemies to become the ultimate space pirate.

The game offers players an immersive experience, with stunning graphics and an engaging story. With a variety of customizable weapons and spaceships, players can fully immerse themselves in the game world and make strategic decisions to navigate and survive through the game’s different levels.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is the ultimate space adventure game that offers hours of exciting gameplay and is perfect for players looking for an exciting experience. No wonder this game is a favorite among space lovers and gamers alike.

So why wait any longer? Download Space Pirates and Zombies 2 today and join the league of ultimate space pirates!

Space Pirates And Zombies 2 Free Download PC Game Preinstalled in Direct Link. Space Pirates And Zombies 2 was released on November 7, 2017

More about this game

In SPAZ 2 you must survive in an evolving post-apocalyptic galaxy. The zombie threat has been defeated, infrastructure has collapsed, fuel is scarce, and searching for food means survival. Initially, the Galaxy contains hundreds of fleets, each trying to survive. The AI ​​captains do everything the player can. The player is not special and is not the center of the Galaxy. As resource scarcity becomes critical, ships enter conflict just to survive. Factions may form to protect themselves or divide due to hunger. Old friends must become grass. The strongest factions establish and defend territories, establish resource centers, and establish starbases. Weaker factions may resort to banditry. Each captain is unique, persistent and shapes the Galaxy. When factions meet, combat is usually the result. While the strategic side of SPAZ 2 is about exploration, territorial control, and faction building, the action side of SPAZ 2 is about shipbuilding, tactics, and salvage. Combat creates damaged ships and dead crew members, but also provides new salvaged parts. All SPAZ 2 parts are modular and randomly generated. If you see something you like, separate it from an enemy, grab it with your tractor beam, and attach it to your ship. Ship building can be done live during battles, although sometimes bludgeoning an enemy to death with its broken wing is also fun. Back on the star map, battles will draw other captains in search of salvation. Grab your new pieces and run. Upgrade, repair, and prepare to fight another day, because darker threats are about to arise.

Key Features:

  • Two hundred persistent captains who can do everything the player can do, including forming dynamic factions, building structures, controlling territory, and going to war.
  • A true living galaxy that is not focused on the player. Each game will develop differently through the interactions of the agents.
  • Build your own faction from nothing.
  • Randomly generated modular parts. Build the mothership that suits your playstyle, on the fly, in seconds. Each part has its own unique stats that contribute to the mothership. Each part has its own hull integrity and damage states. Each part is a real working boat component.
  • Strategic shipbuilding. The mass, location and shape of the pieces are important. If a part blocks a turret, it will not fire. If a boat is too long, it will turn slowly. Too many engines will mean too little power for the weapons. Every design choice counts.
  • A fully physics-based 3D environment where everything is destructible, takes impact damage, can be grabbed and even thrown at enemies with the tractor beam.
  • Movement and natural controls. Movement is performed in a 2D plane and relative to the screen, very similar to an FPS. Combat feels like huge pirate ships fighting in an ocean. Focus on tactical positioning and manage system power to unleash hell at the right time.
  • Epic ship-to-ship battles. Tear apart the enemy piece by piece in minutes, instead of seconds.

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: 2.6GHz dual core
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB DirectX 9 3D compatible video card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB of available space


Pros and cons of Space Pirates And Zombies 2

Space Pirates And Zombies 2 (SPAZ 2), developed by MinMax Games Ltd., is a tactical spaceship combat game set in a procedurally generated universe. As with any game, there are pros and cons to the experience. Here are some of the key factors to consider:


  • Procedurally Generated Universe – The game universe is randomly generated, meaning no two games will be exactly the same. This creates a unique and challenging experience every time you start a new game.
  • Tactical Spaceship Combat: SPAZ 2 features a fun and strategic combat system. You have to maneuver your spaceship around the battlefield, manage your ship’s resources and select the best weapons and tactics to defeat your enemies.
  • Base Building and Customization: As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to build and upgrade your base, hire crew members, and acquire new spaceships. This provides a great sense of progression and customization.
  • Open World Exploration – In SPAZ 2, you are free to explore the universe at your own pace. There are many planets to visit, factions to interact with, and loot to collect.
  • Multiplayer Support: The game offers cooperative multiplayer and PvP modes, allowing you to team up with friends or compete against them.


  • Steep Learning Curve: SPAZ 2 can be a difficult game to learn, especially for players unfamiliar with tactical spaceship combat games. The tutorial could improve.
  • Repetitive Missions: While the game’s universe is procedurally generated, the missions can feel repetitive after a while. There could be more variety in mission types.
  • Unbalanced Difficulty: Some parts of the game may feel unfairly difficult, especially if you play on higher difficulty levels. This can be frustrating for some players.
  • Resource management can be tedious: Managing your ship’s resources (such as power, ammo, and hull integrity) can be a bit tedious at times, especially in the heat of battle.
  • Visuals and Audio: While the game’s visuals and audio aren’t bad, they aren’t particularly impressive either. Some players may find them disappointing.

Overall, Space Pirates And Zombies 2 is a fun and challenging tactical spaceship combat game with a procedurally generated universe, base building, and customization. While the game does have some disadvantages, such as a steep learning curve and repetitive missions, the advantages outweigh them for fans of the genre. With multiplayer support, there’s plenty of replay value.

FAQ – Space Pirates and Zombies 2 Gameplay

Q: What is Space Pirates And Zombies 2?

Space Pirates And Zombies 2 is a space-themed real-time strategy game developed by MinMax Games Ltd. It is the sequel to the original Space Pirates And Zombies.

Q: What is the objective of the game?

The goal of the game is to explore the galaxy, gather resources, build your fleet and participate in various battles. You will also need to upgrade your ship, weapons and crew to advance through the different levels.

Q: What type of ships can I control in the game?

You can control various types of ships, including fighters, corvettes, frigates, and capital ships. Each ship type has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to strategize accordingly.

Q: Can I play Space Pirates And Zombies 2 with my friends?

Yes, you can play with up to three other players in cooperative mode. You can also participate in competitive multiplayer battles against other players.

Q: Is Space Pirates And Zombies 2 a difficult game?

Yes, the game can be challenging, especially in the later levels. However, the difficulty can be adjusted to suit your skill level. Additionally, there are several difficulty levels to choose from to make the game more or less challenging.