The Alien Cube – an intriguing puzzle game for those who love a challenge

If you’re looking for a game that can keep you on the edge of your seat, The Alien Cube is definitely worth a try. This puzzle game is designed to keep you entertained for hours, with its mind-blowing challenges and colorful graphics that are sure to capture your attention.

The Alien Cube sets itself apart from other puzzle games with its unique story, in which you take on the role of an astronaut who crash-lands on an alien planet. Your goal is to escape the planet by solving a series of complex puzzles.

Engaging gameplay with stunning graphics

The Alien Cube features a variety of challenging puzzles that require you to think outside the box. The puzzles range in difficulty from easy to advanced, making them accessible to players of different levels. The game’s stunning graphics and eerie sound effects create an immersive experience that transports players to an unknown world.

Overall, The Alien Cube is an engaging game that offers a unique and challenging gaming experience. So why not download it today and see for yourself what it’s all about?

Alien Cube PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in direct link. The Alien Cube was released on October 14, 2021

More about this game

The Alien Cube is a Lovecraftian first-person horror adventure, spiritual successor to The Land of Pain. You play as Arthur, a lonely man whose life is about to change drastically when strange events begin to occur after learning of the disappearance of your Uncle Edgar. The world around you hides a terrible secret, a dark and hidden reality in which your uncle seemed to have played an important role in some way. Haunted by nightmarish visions, you will have to embark on a journey to discover the truth and survive the darkness that pursues you. You wake up bathed in sweat: you have had nightmares again. The strange cave, the hidden symbols, the ritual site… and then that strange rustling cube-shaped artifact falling from the sky… it all seemed so real. But now you’re awake and the true reality hits you like a bucket of cold water: the breakup with Jenny, the move, the mysterious disappearance of your uncle Edgar… The doorbell catches you off guard: it’s a letter, a testament no less than from your uncle, leaving you his apartment and a warning to get rid of all his manuscripts. It’s finally time to go there and try to find some clues. What you don’t know yet is that this quest will trigger a series of terrifying revelations, secrets that should remain buried forever and that your worst nightmares will soon come to light.

Main features

  • Survive the dangers you will encounter as you face hostile weather conditions, wander through snowy forests, forgotten dungeons and other otherworldly locations.
  • Explore horrible places and interact with the elements. You will find along your journey to solve puzzles and search for clues to unravel the mystery.
  • Immerse yourself in a powerfully visual world of nameless horrors thanks to graphics powered by CryEngine 5 with photogrammetric technology.
  • Intensify the Lovecraftian experience with high-quality ambient sounds and an atmospheric soundtrack drawn from the abyss of your worst fears.
  • Delve into the truth of the unspeakable secrets behind your uncle’s pastthe protagonist of the game The Land of Pain, and discover the connection between these two games.

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • SW: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 at 3.3 GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB/AMD RX 560 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB of available space
  • Additional notes: SSD is highly recommended.


Pros and cons of playing alien cube

As with any video game, playing The Alien Cube has advantages and disadvantages. This game has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique gameplay and story. Here are some of the pros and cons of playing The Alien Cube:


  • Engaging Story: The Alien Cube has a captivating story that keeps players hooked throughout the game. The game has a mystery theme and players must unravel clues and solve puzzles to progress.
  • Great Visuals: The Alien Cube’s graphics are top-notch and provide an immersive gaming experience for players. The game has a unique color palette and futuristic look that sets it apart from other puzzle games.
  • Challenging Gameplay: The Alien Cube is not an easy game to play. It requires a lot of concentration, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. This makes the game challenging and rewarding.
  • Unique Puzzles: The Alien Cube’s puzzles are unlike anything seen in other games. The game has a good mix of logical, mathematical, and spatial puzzles that keep players interested.
  • Variety of game modes: The Alien Cube has multiple game modes, including story mode and challenge mode. This gives players the opportunity to experience the game in different ways and challenges them to improve their skills.


  • Repetitive Gameplay: Although The Alien Cube has several game modes, the gameplay can become repetitive after a while. Solving puzzles can seem like a chore and players may lose interest in the game over time.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Alien Cube is not an easy game to master. The game has a steep learning curve and players must spend some time understanding the different aspects of the game before they can progress.
  • The story can be confusing: The Alien Cube has a complex story that can be difficult to follow at times. Players can get lost in the plot, which makes the game less fun.
  • Not for everyone: The Alien Cube is a game that requires a lot of patience and concentration. Some players may find the game too challenging and may find the puzzles too difficult to solve.
  • It can be frustrating: The Alien Cube is not a game for those who get frustrated easily. Players can get stuck on a puzzle for a long time, which can be frustrating and cause them to abandon the game.

Overall, The Alien Cube is a game that appeals to puzzle and mystery lovers. While the game has its drawbacks, the engaging story, unique puzzles, and challenging gameplay make it an exciting game.

FAQ – The Alien Cube Game

1. What is alien cube game?

The Alien Cube is a first-person action-adventure game that sends players to an alien planet. The game is designed to give players a new and immersive experience through gameplay, story and design. The main objective of the game is to navigate through the alien landscape, solve puzzles and fight enemies that come your way.

2. What platforms is The Alien Cube Game available on?

Alien Cube game is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. The game can be purchased and downloaded from popular online game stores such as Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.

3. What are the minimum system requirements to play The Alien Cube Game?

The minimum system requirements to play The Alien Cube Game are: Windows 7 or higher, Intel Core i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 and 15 GB of free storage space.

4. Is the game multiplayer?

No, The Alien Cube Game does not support multiplayer game modes. However, the game offers an engaging single-player gameplay experience and story.

5. Can I use a controller to play The Alien Cube Game?

Yes, The Alien Cube Game can be played with a controller. The game recognizes popular game controllers, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo controllers, and can be configured accordingly to suit the player’s preferences.