The Grim and I is a captivating indie adventure game that will take you on a journey through life and death. The game, developed by a small independent studio, is set in a world where Grim Reapers maintain the balance between life and death. As fate would have it, you find yourself in the afterlife and your destiny is in the hands of The Grim himself. The Grim and I is a game packed with thrills, puzzles and amazing visuals.

The game’s story is fascinating and takes you on a journey of self-discovery and redefining the meaning of life. You play as a character who has just died and must explore the afterlife to discover why you died and what happens next. Along the way, you will meet unique characters who will guide you on your quest to unravel the mysteries of the afterlife. The game’s puzzles are challenging, but not too difficult, and keep you hooked and engaged throughout.

The Grim and I is an adventure game like no other, with a unique story, lovable characters, and stunning visuals. The game appeals to both hardcore and casual players, offering an unmatched gaming experience. If you are a fan of adventure games, The Grim and I is a must-play. So, what are you waiting for? Download The Grim and I today and begin your journey into the afterlife!

The Grim And I PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. The Grim And I was released on September 27, 2018.

More about this game

This is a story about death and what it means to let go. Faced with the final decision, torn between your lost life and an unknown future, can you take the Grim Reaper’s hand and pass to the Other Side? Or will you be condemned to wander the world forever, burdened by the chains of your past? The Grim and I is a unique 155,000-word interactive novel by Thom Baylay, where your choices control the story. It’s completely text-based, with no graphics or sound effects, and is powered by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. How will you react to the discovery that you are dead? When the Grim Reaper offers you a path forward, will you accept it? Or are you still holding on to the world you left behind? Begin the most important conversation of your afterlife as you face Death in a story that will redefine the meaning of Choice; where the game reads you as much as you read it and where your biggest enemy is yourself. Challenge your instincts; fight your temptations; and embrace the most primal of fears. Choose your life, your love, your work and then make the hardest decision of all: let it all go.

  • Play as male, female or non-binary; gay, straight or bisexual.
  • Leave your body and witness or try to interfere as life goes on without you.
  • Meet, befriend and customize your personal Grim Reaper!
  • Choose your perfect life and then see if you can choose to let it all go.
  • Identify and overcome the pending issues that tie you to this world. Love, fear, rage or ambition; Your choices will reveal the truth!
  • As chains begin to cover your body, will you be able to fight free or will you succumb to your vices and continue roaming the world for eternity?
  • Forget everything you know about interactive fiction as Grim Reaper questions your choices and challenges your motives, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.
  • Explore the concept of death and ideas of loss and abandonment in the company of your Grim guide.

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • SW: window 7


Pros and cons of playing The Grim And I

The Grim And I is a unique game that puts players in the shoes of a girl who has just died and must navigate to the afterlife. While there are many aspects of the game that players will enjoy, there are also some potential drawbacks that should be considered before diving in.


  • Gripping Story: The Grim And I has a gripping story that will keep players interested from start to finish.
  • Unique Concept: The afterlife is a popular theme in games, but The Grim And I offers a fresh and unique take on the topic.
  • Great Characters: The game’s characters are well-developed and provide a depth of emotion that will resonate with players.
  • Visuals: The game features beautiful visuals that will keep players immersed in the world beyond.
  • Decisions Matter: The decisions players make in the game have real consequences, making the experience truly engaging.


  • Grim Tone: The Grim And I is a heavy game dealing with death and the afterlife, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Slow Pacing: While the story is engaging, the game itself can be slow-paced at times, which may frustrate some players.
  • Linear Story: Despite the game’s emphasis on choices, the story itself is largely linear, leaving little room for exploration.
  • Short Game – The game is quite short, which can leave players wanting more.
  • Minimal Replay Value: Once players have completed the game, there is little reason to revisit it as the story remains largely the same.

Overall, The Grim And I is a well-crafted game with a unique story and engaging characters. However, its somber tone and slow pace may put off some players. Additionally, its linear story and short length can leave players wanting more. That said, those who enjoy narrative experiences will likely find a lot to enjoy in this title.

Frequently asked questions about the game The Grim And I

Q: What is The Grim And I?

The Grim And I is a visual novel adventure game with horror, supernatural, and comedy elements. Players take on the role of the recently deceased Marcella Diem, who must navigate her new existence as her ghost while she befriends the Grim Reaper assigned to her.

Q: How do I control the game?

The game is primarily controlled through point-and-click mechanics, where players must click on the screen to interact with characters, objects, and environments. The Grim And I also includes dialogue, puzzle-solving, and exploration options.

Q: Is The Grim And I a long game?

The game has multiple endings and paths depending on the player’s choices, but on average, it takes between 4 and 8 hours to complete.

Q: Can I play the game again?

If you can. The Grim And I has replay value, as different choices will lead to different outcomes, stories, and interactions.

Q: Does The Grim And I have any age restrictions?

The game is rated as a T game, meaning it is suitable for teenagers and older. The game contains themes of death, afterlife, and mild language.