Train Sim World 2 is a popular train simulation game that allows players to experience the thrill of driving a train on a realistic railway system. With its latest release, Train Sim World 2 offers players a wide range of options to explore, including various locomotives, routes and weather conditions. The game offers an immersive experience to players with realistic graphics and dynamic gameplay.

Players can take on various roles in the game, from driving the train to managing its passenger services. The game offers players a truly interactive experience, allowing them to control every aspect of the train driving experience. With its diverse set of locations, ranging from bustling New York City to the serene Scottish Highlands, Train Sim World 2 offers players a variety of environments to explore.

Train Sim World 2 is the perfect game for train enthusiasts and anyone who has ever been fascinated by the world of trains. With its realistic gameplay and dynamic simulation, the game provides players with a unique and exciting experience. Download Train Sim World 2 today and start your journey as a train driver!

Train Sim World 2 PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. Train Sim World 2 was released on August 20, 2020

More about this game

Drive the high-speed German intercity train for the first time as you accelerate and gain speed on the famous DB ICE 3M from Cologne. Take on the challenge of hauling long freight across the Sand Patch Grade, including the Cumberland Terminal, using the raw power of the CSX AC4400CW. Master the patterns and stations of the world-famous London Underground on the Bakerloo line. All official licenses, all authentically recreated – you’re in the cockpit and in control. Customize Train Sim World 2 locomotives with the new exclusive Livery Designer – Create your own custom liveries with an easy-to-use in-game tool that lets you create simple and complex designs to bring your Train Sim World locomotive liveries to life 2. Customize the way you play with the Scenario Planner: create your own scenario. Customize locomotives and destinations, then hop on and start driving. Drive fast, your way. The patented SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine has evolved, adding realistic adhesion physics for the first time. Feel the wheelspin in inclement weather conditions and the added challenge of control on steep inclines. Optimized and improved visual fidelity also gives Train Sim World 2 dynamic skies and 4K support. Get clearer information about directions, gradients and speed profiles while driving, including new HUD displays, clarity of on-board safety systems, brake controls, power meter and accelerometer. A new controller scheme will provide great options in camera and driving modes and allow easier access from external camera mode to enter another vehicle as a whole, all while the full physics and simulation are still running. Your collection comes with you: You can play your Train Sim World 2020 add-ons in Train Sim World 2. Train Sim World has always been about your collection, your choice of add-ons from your favorite region, time period, diesel, electric. , passengers, cargo – your way. Any Train Sim World 2020 add-ons you have purchased will be available to play in Train Sim World 2. Please note: Northeast Corridor New York, Amtrak SW1000R and CSX GP40-2 are not part of the Preserved Collection.

With Dovetail Live you can track your progress and statistics online: review your performance and share and compare it with friends. Railfan Shots also gives you the control of uploading your screenshots to a personal gallery to share.

Key Features

  • Explore famous routes with unique challenges:
    • Bakerloo Line – First opened in 1906, Bakerloo is one of the oldest lines on the London Underground. Master the modern complexity of rush hour in the British capital.
    • Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen: Hop on the renowned DB BR 406 ICE 3M and carry passengers at speeds of up to 250 km/h as you race between Cologne and Aachen on this German intercity line.
    • Sand Patch Grade: Enjoy epic power with the CSX AC4400CW. Transport cargo through the Allegheny Mountains, fighting adhesion on one of the steepest grades in the United States.
  • Train Sim World 2 features iconic locomotives that you must master. The classic 1972 Mark 2 Stock on the Bakerloo line, modern fast commuters with DB BR 406 ICE 3M and DB BR 442 ‘Talent 2’ and powerful haulers with AC4400CW, GP38-2 and SD40-2.
  • Layout Designer – Get creative and add a personal touch to your Train Sim World 2 locomotives with this easy-to-use tool that allows for custom layouts.
  • Scenario Planner: Drive what you want, where you want, while planning your own scenarios. Drive fast, your way.
  • New Grip Physics: Feel wheels slip in harsh weather conditions, master moving heavy loads, and maintain control of your locomotive’s power on steep grades.
  • Dynamic Skies: Multiple cloud layers and realistic sunlight filtering mean greater visual fidelity of the skies in Train Sim World 2.
  • Journeys: Start a new journey on any route to explore over 24 hours of gameplay with scenarios, services, and more to complete.
  • Tutorials – Learn everything you need to get on the rails with detailed tutorials for each locomotive. Master every switch, lever and dial.
  • Powered by Dovetail Games’ proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine and Unreal Engine 4® technology.

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 at 3.5 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X at 3.7 GHz
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R9 270 with 2 GB VRAM or more (AMD Max 20.4.2 compatible driver)
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Grid: Broadband Internet Connection
  • Storage: 20 GB of available space
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible
  • Additional notes: Requires mouse and keyboard or Xbox controller


Pros and cons of Train Sim World 2 (v2022.06.27 and ALL DLC)

Train Sim World 2 is a train simulation game that offers a realistic train driving experience. It comes with several features and DLC that make it attractive for training enthusiasts. However, like any game or simulator, Train Sim World 2 has its pros and cons. In this article, we take a closer look at the pros and cons of Train Sim World 2 (v2022.06.27 and ALL DLC).


1. Realistic Simulation: Train Sim World 2 offers a realistic simulation experience that is immersive and makes you feel like you are driving a real train. The game’s physics engine is well tuned and the graphics and sound effects are top-notch.

2. Wide selection of routes: The game features a wide selection of routes including various locations around the world. There are more than 24 routes available, including iconic locations such as New York, London and Munich.

3. DLC: Train Sim World 2 has several DLCs that add more content to the game, including new routes, trains, and stages. Some DLC also adds more features and gameplay mechanics to the game.

4. Customization: Train Sim World 2 allows for customization, such as adjusting train settings and controls to match your preferences, improving the overall user experience.

5. Multiplayer Support: The game features multiplayer support, allowing you to play with friends or online players. This adds another level of excitement and challenge to the game.


1. Requires a powerful system: Train Sim World 2 requires a powerful system to run smoothly. You may experience performance issues if you do not have a computer that meets the recommended system requirements.

2. A steep learning curve: Learning the game can be challenging for beginners, especially those with no prior experience playing train simulators. It may take you a while to get used to the controls and mechanics of the game.

3. Expensive DLC: Some DLC for Train Sim World 2 can be expensive, which may deter players from purchasing them. This can make it difficult to access all the content available in the game.

4. Limited replayability: Once you complete the routes and scenarios, the replayability is limited, which can make the game feel repetitive over time.

5. Lack of physical feedback: Unlike the real-life experience of driving a train, Train Sim World 2 lacks the physical feedback of driving a train, such as vibrations and sound, which can make it difficult to fully immerse yourself in the simulation. .


Train Sim World 2 is an exciting and immersive train simulation game that offers a realistic train driving experience. It has multiple advantages, such as realistic simulation, wide selection of routes, various DLC, customization, and multiplayer support. However, it also has some disadvantages, such as requiring a powerful system, a steep learning curve, expensive DLC, limited replayability, and lack of physical feedback. Overall, Train Sim World 2 is a game that offers simulation and entertainment, and it is up to players to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to play it or not.

FAQ – Train Sim World 2 Gameplay

What is Train Sim World 2?

Train Sim World 2 is a realistic train simulation game that allows players to experience the thrill of driving different types of trains, including high-speed trains, freight trains, and commuter trains. The game features a variety of routes from around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

What is the gameplay like in Train Sim World 2?

The gameplay of Train Sim World 2 involves driving trains along various routes, using realistic controls and following schedules. Players must manage speed, acceleration, braking and other factors to ensure safe and timely travel. The game also includes features such as passenger interactions, weather effects, and customizable trains.

What DLC is available for Train Sim World 2?

There are several DLCs available for Train Sim World 2, including Clinchfield Railroad, Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr, and West Somerset Railway. Each DLC adds new routes, trains, and features to the game.

Can Train Sim World 2 be played in multiplayer mode?

No, Train Sim World 2 does not currently have a multiplayer mode. However, players can share their progress and achievements with others through online leaderboards.

What are the system requirements for Train Sim World 2?

The minimum system requirements for Train Sim World 2 include a 64-bit processor and operating system, 8 GB of RAM, and a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card. However, for the best experience, it is recommended to have a more powerful system.