West of Dead is an exciting action game set in the dark and spooky world of the Wild West. The game presents players with a mysterious and fascinating world where they must navigate the underworld and fight some of the deadliest enemies they have ever encountered. With stunning visual design that evokes a sense of dread and adventure, West of Dead is an experience not to be missed by fans of the genre.

Players take on the role of the famous and enigmatic cowboy William Mason, who finds himself trapped in Purgatory after his sudden disappearance. He must fight his way through a series of dangerous and deadly levels to uncover the mysteries of his past and find a way to escape this ghostly realm.

With its intense and fast-paced gameplay, West of Dead is a game that will keep players entertained for hours on end. The inclusion of the Crow DLC adds even more depth and replayability to an already fantastic game. So if you’re a fan of action-adventure games or looking for something new and exciting to play, you won’t want to miss West of Dead. Download now!

West Of Dead PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in direct link. West Of Dead was released on June 18, 2020

More about this game

Purgatory, Wyoming, 1888. A place of gun smoke and darkness, sin and damnation, wendigos and witches. A changing and chaotic world that takes shape from the memories, culture or beliefs of the souls that pass through it. When a dead man awakens with only the memory of a figure dressed in black, he sets in motion a chain of events that have truly mythical consequences. Step into the boots of dead man William Mason (voiced by Ron Perlman) and descend into the grim, harsh world of Purgatory in this fast-paced cover shooter that combines the fluidity of twin-stick controls and the use of tactical cover. Test your skills: Dodge behind cover as you try to outgun your enemies in unfamiliar procedurally generated hunting grounds. The Wild West has never been so dark.

How to download and install West Of Dead

  1. Click the Download button below and you will be redirected to UploadHaven.
  2. Wait 5 seconds and click the blue ‘download now’ button. Now let the download start and wait for it to finish.
  3. Once West Of Dead has finished downloading, right click on the .zip file and click “Extract to West.of.Dead.Incl.Crow.DLC.zip” (To do this you must have 7-Zip, which you can get here).
  4. Double click inside the West Of Dead folder and run the exe application.
  5. Have fun and play! Make sure you run the game as administrator and if you have any missing dll errors, look for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install all the programs in the folder.

west of the dead free download

Click on the download button below to start West Of Dead Free Download with direct link. It is the full version of the game. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator.

West Of Dead (Includes Crow DLC) Size: 363.66 MB

WARNING: This game is already pre-installed for you, which means you don’t have to install it. If you are missing any dll errors, make sure to look for a _Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install directx, vcredist and all other programs in that folder. You need these programs for the game to run. Find the ‘HOW TO RUN THE GAME!!.txt’ file for more help. Also, be sure to right-click the executable file and always select “Run as administrator” if you are having trouble saving the game. Always disable your antivirus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting crack files. If you need additional help, click here

System Requirements

  • SW: window 7
  • Processor: Intel i5-4460/AMD FX-8350 CPU
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1030 / Radeon RX 550
  • Storage: 1 GB of available space


Pros and cons of West of Dead: Crow DLC

West of Dead is a fast-paced shooter that takes place in the Wild West and recently released its Crow DLC expansion pack. The Crow DLC offers a new level, a new hero, and new weapons for players to enjoy. However, like any DLC expansion, it has its pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of the West of Dead: Crow DLC.


  • New Level: The Crow DLC adds a new level to the game, giving players a new challenge to face.
  • New Hero: The DLC introduces a new hero, the ruthless bounty hunter known as Crow, giving players a new character to play as.
  • New Weapons: Players can unlock new weapons, including a revolver and a sawed-off shotgun, providing unique combat experiences to enjoy.
  • Improved Gameplay – New additions create a more dynamic gaming experience for players, keeping the game fresh and exciting.
  • Affordable – The DLC expansion is reasonably priced and adds value to the base game for players looking for more content.


  • Short Play Time: The new level and new hero can be completed relatively quickly, which may disappoint players looking for a longer game experience.
  • Not for everyone – The challenging, fast-paced gameplay may not be suitable for those who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience.
  • Somewhat Predictable: While the new additions are fun, they don’t add much new content to the game’s overall story or mechanics.
  • Repetitive Gameplay: Similar to the base game, West of Dead: Crow DLC can become repetitive after a while, offering players few variations or new ideas.


West of Dead: Crow DLC presents a mix of pros and cons. While the DLC adds new weapons, a new hero, and a new level to the game, the content can feel somewhat predictable and repetitive. In the end, purchasing this DLC depends on personal preference and what the player is looking for from the game. For those who want to experience new challenges and dynamic gameplay, the West of Dead: Crow DLC is worth investing in. However, for those looking for substantial changes to the overall game, it may not work as you expect.

FAQ: West of Dead Gameplay

Q: What is West of Dead?

West of Dead is a fast-paced action game set on the frontier of the Wild West. You play as a dead man named William Mason, who is trapped in the mysterious Purgatory and must fight hordes of supernatural enemies to discover the truth about his past.

Q: What type of gameplay does West of Dead offer?

West of Dead offers a twin-stick shooter with procedurally generated levels. The game also features intense cover-based mechanics that test your quick reflexes and aiming skills.

Q: How many weapons are available in West of Dead?

West of Dead features a wide variety of weapons, including revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and other unique firearms. Players can also mix and match different weapon combinations to suit their play style.

Q: What is included in the Crow DLC?

The Crow DLC adds a new playable character named Crow, who has a unique set of weapons and abilities. It also introduces new enemies, weapons, items, and challenges that add more content to the game.

Q: Does West of Dead have multiplayer?

No, West of Dead is a single-player game that focuses on offering a challenging and immersive solo experience. However, players can compete against each other on online leaderboards to see who can complete the game with the highest score.