When They Arrived is a thrilling first-person survival horror game that takes you on a journey through an abandoned city. As a player, you will face the challenge of surviving in a world invaded by otherworldly creatures. You must fight to survive and be smart enough to find a way to escape the city.

The game is set in a detailed and beautifully rendered world that is both disturbing and unnerving. With its stunning visuals and immersive sound design, When They Arrived will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will have to navigate the city while avoiding dangerous creatures and searching for resources.

As you progress through the game, you will discover secrets, solve puzzles, and learn more about what happened to the abandoned city. Your ultimate goal is to find a way to survive and escape. With its captivating story, exciting gameplay and challenging puzzles, When They Arrived promises to be an unforgettable gaming experience. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and see if you have what it takes to survive!

When they arrived, pre-installed PC game free download in direct link. When They Arrived was released on January 7, 2019.

More about this game

The protagonist went hunting at his grandfather’s country house. There was an alien invasion. The cities are destroyed. You must use your survival skills and your wits to survive and save the planet. Build, explode, explore the world, develop your skills, try all the ways to stop the alien invasion. “What would I do after the alien invasion?” It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself, and it’s a question we want to help you answer!

Key Features:

  • you are completely free in action and have a huge world to investigate;
  • build, fly and defend against enemies;
  • mine minerals and use them to create various useful items;
  • hunt wild boar and deer, as they can become an excellent source of food, but be careful of bears and wolves;
  • build various structures, including traps;
  • search for supplies, drive an old all-terrain vehicle through a group of enemies;
  • study the legend of the ‘Witnesses of the second coming’, perhaps there you will find some answers;
  • increase your combat skills and more (for this there is a special card panel);
  • survive fighting an enemy unknown to you, try to influence the invasion and much more;
  • collect the pieces and find the plans to create a “mini mole hole”;
  • Repair the spacesuit, collect all the equipment you need and go to Mars to destroy the aliens’ bridgehead.

How to download and install when they arrived

  1. Click the Download button below and you will be redirected to UploadHaven.
  2. Wait 5 seconds and click the blue ‘download now’ button. Now let the download start and wait for it to finish.
  3. Once When They Arrived has finished downloading, right click on the .zip file and click “Extract to When.They.Arrived.zip” (To do this, you must have 7-Zip, which you can get here) .
  4. Double click inside the When Arrived folder and run the exe application.
  5. Have fun and play! Make sure you run the game as administrator and if you have any missing dll errors, look for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install all the programs in the folder.

When they arrived Free download

Click on the download button below to start When They Came Free Download with direct link. It is the full version of the game. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator.

When they arrived Size: 1.72 GB

WARNING: This game is already pre-installed for you, which means you don’t have to install it. If you are missing any dll errors, make sure to look for a _Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install directx, vcredist and all other programs in that folder. You need these programs for the game to run. Find the ‘HOW TO RUN THE GAME!!.txt’ file for more help. Also, be sure to right-click the executable file and always select “Run as administrator” if you are having trouble saving the game. Always disable your antivirus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting crack files. If you need additional help, click here

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  • Processor: Quad core processor
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 5120 MB available space
  • Sound card: DirectX® compatible


Pros and cons of when the game arrived

When They Arrived is a sci-fi horror game developed by Second Reality Studio. It is an open world game that takes place on an alien planet where players must survive and unravel the mystery behind a distress signal received from an unknown source. This game offers players a unique and immersive gaming experience, but like any other game, it also has its pros and cons. Here are some things you should know before playing:


  • The graphics of this game are extraordinary and provide an immersive environment that puts you in the middle of the game.
  • The game is free to play, so players don’t have to worry about investing their money in the game.
  • It has a unique story that keeps players interested throughout the game. This game takes place in an open world with no set objectives, so players can choose how they play.
  • The game allows players to build their own bases and can customize them to their liking. This helps players feel more connected to the game as they can customize their gameplay.
  • The game’s sound design gives a sense of immersion that can be quite scary, but certainly adds to the experience.


  • The game has a steep learning curve, which can make it frustrating for new players to understand and play.
  • The game is buggy and players may experience crashes, glitches, and other technical issues while playing.
  • The game can be quite challenging due to the lack of guidance and objectives. Players may find it difficult to know what to do next or where to go, which can cause a lot of wandering.
  • The game has limited replay value and once players complete it, there is no incentive to replay as there is little variability in terms of different biomes or planets to explore.
  • The game can be quite scary and intense, which may not be suitable for everyone.

When They Arrived is an immersive and unique game with an intriguing story that challenges players to survive on an alien planet. It has stunning graphics with excellent sound design and allows players to customize their gameplay to their liking, making it quite an addictive and engaging experience. However, the game has its disadvantages, such as a steep learning curve, bugs and glitches, limited replayability, and can be quite challenging for some players with its intense horror elements. We hope this article was helpful in giving you an idea of ​​the pros and cons of the game.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What was it like when you arrived?

A: When They Arrived is a survival horror game where the player takes on the role of a survivor trapped in a mysterious location with no memory of how they got there.

Q: What is the gameplay like?

A: The game involves exploring the environment, searching for resources, and avoiding hostile entities roaming the area. The player must also solve puzzles to progress and uncover the mystery of their situation.

Q: Is multiplayer available?

A: No, When They Arrived is a single player game.

Q: What are the system requirements for When They Arrived?

A: The game requires a 64-bit operating system and at least a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor. It also requires a graphics card with at least 2 GB of VRAM and 8 GB of RAM.

Q: Is there a story behind the game?

A: Yes, the game features a story that gradually develops as the player progresses through the game. The story focuses on the mystery of the place and the player’s role in it.