Are you looking for a fun and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours? Look no further than Where’s Oswald?, the latest gaming sensation that will hook you from the first level to the last. This exciting game is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels, providing an exciting adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

In Where’s Oswald?, you must help the lovable character Oswald navigate through a series of increasingly challenging levels, each filled with obstacles, enemies, and other challenges that he must overcome to reach his ultimate goal. With intuitive controls, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay mechanics, this game is sure to quickly become a favorite of anyone who loves a good challenge.

So why wait? Download Where is Oswald today and does he experience all the emotions and excitement that this exciting game has to offer? With its addictive gameplay, eye-catching visuals, and endless fun, it is the perfect choice for anyone who likes to play games on their mobile device. So don’t wait – start playing today and discover how much fun you can have with this amazing game!

Where’s Oswald PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. Where is Oswald? was released on June 30, 2022

More about this game

Find Oswald, the entity that permeates your nightmares since childhood. Where is Oswald? It is a brief horror experience that transports you to your childhood home. It’s late at night and your family is nowhere to be found. What lives in the basement? Characteristics:

  • Unlock Dream Doors by completing sequences or finding the key. Escape the entities that pursue you and discover the first signs of a larger narrative.
  • Evade Oswald and escape an underground sewer complex to encounter a second serious antagonist. Escape from the hospital and wake up from this nightmare.
  • It follows the ‘domestic horror’ theme and flows into three unique environments.
  • Minimal gameplay mechanics typical of the ‘walking simulator’ genre.
  • The game has auto save function.

System Requirements

  • SW: win10
  • Processor: anything recent will do
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: anything recent will do
  • Storage: 7 GB of available space


The pros and cons of playing Where’s Oswald?

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging game, Where’s Oswald? could be the perfect choice for you. This puzzle game requires players to find and move objects to solve a variety of different challenges. While this game can be incredibly fun and engaging, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider.


  • Challenging: One of the biggest attractions of Where’s Oswald? It’s how challenging he can be. Each level requires you to solve a unique puzzle, so you’ll never get bored or feel like you’re repeating the same challenges over and over again.
  • Fun: Despite its challenging nature, Where’s Oswald? He is also very fun to play. The unique graphics and creative gameplay make this game a great choice for anyone looking for an entertaining way to pass the time.
  • Creative: Where is Oswald? It is a very creative game that requires players to think outside the box to solve each level. This can help boost your creativity and problem-solving skills in other areas of your life.
  • Low Cost: Unlike other mobile games, Where’s Oswald is very affordable. It’s also completely free to download and play, so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on game purchases or in-app items.


  • Requires patience: If you are not a patient person by nature, you may find Where’s Oswald frustrating at times? Some levels require a lot of trial and error, so be willing to experiment and try new approaches until you find a solution.
  • It can take a long time: Because each level is so challenging, it can take a while to solve them all. This means that you may have to spend a significant amount of time playing Where’s Oswald if you want to complete the game.
  • Not for everyone: While this game is a lot of fun for many people, it is definitely not for everyone. If you’re not a fan of puzzle games or don’t enjoy games that require a lot of critical thinking, you may find Where’s Oswald too challenging or frustrating.

Overall, Where’s Oswald is a game that’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to pass the time. While it may not be the right choice for everyone, those who enjoy it will surely find it to be a satisfying and rewarding gaming experience.

FAQ: Where is Oswald’s gameplay?

Q: Can I play Where’s Oswald on my mobile phone?

A: Yes, where is Oswald? It is available to play on Android and iOS devices.

Q: Where’s Oswald is a single player game?

A: Yes, where is Oswald? is a single player game where you must try to find Oswald in each level.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of levels in Where’s Oswald?

A: No, there is no limit to the number of levels in Where’s Oswald? The game has an infinite number of levels, each with different degrees of difficulty.

Q: Are there in-app purchases in Where’s Oswald?

A: No, there are no in-app purchases in Where’s Oswald? The game is completely free.

Q: Can I compete with my friends in Where’s Oswald?

A: Yes, you can compete with your friends by comparing your high scores in the game. The game also features a global leaderboard where you can see how your score compares to other players around the world.