History of the world cruise is an exciting and engaging game that allows players to experience the world of cruising. In this game, you will play the role of a captain, responsible for managing all aspects of the ship, including recruiting and training crew members, upgrading facilities, and planning itineraries. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock new ships and expand your cruise ship empire.

One of the unique features of History of the world cruise It is the possibility of customizing your boat and facilities to your liking. You can choose from a variety of different decor themes and upgrade your ship’s amenities to keep your guests happy and coming back for more cruises. You will also need to monitor your boat’s finances, manage expenses and set prices to ensure a profitable business.

In general, History of the world cruise is a fun and immersive game that will keep players entertained for hours. With its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and endless possibilities, this game is sure to become a favorite of cruise enthusiasts and gamers alike. So why wait? Discharge History of the world cruise Now and start your own cruise line empire today!

World Cruise Story PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in direct link. World Cruise Story was released on October 30, 2022

More about this game

Captain a luxury cruise ship, sail around the world while entertaining VIPs! Get ready to take command of the grandest and most extravagant luxury cruise ship in history for an unforgettable and addictive excursion at sea! Deck your own ship with everything from luxurious suites and first-class restaurants to casinos and hot tubs! You call the shots as you travel the world, visiting every country on the map and even entertaining royalty with tours truly fit for kings. Place the right facilities next to each other and you’ll score big points with passengers and critics. Accumulate enough fame and even celebrities will flock to you when you’re in port! Can you turn your sea buggy into a 5-star floating paradise? Put on your captain’s hat and find out in World Cruise Story!

▼Game flow Build cabins and other facilities to turn passengers into fans. Taking tours of the countries you visit will allow you to find new facilities and elements for your boat.

▼Cruise Flow At the departure point, you pick up your passengers and then sail to each of your ports of call. Once you are done, you will return to the starting point and get new passengers.

▼Popularity As your ship gains more fans, its popularity will increase. Increase the number of attractive facilities and the number of people who want to sail on your boat will also increase.

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • SW: windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Atom® x7-Z8750
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 250 MB available space


Pros and cons of World Cruise Story (v2.3.3)

World Cruise Story is a simulation game that allows you to take control of a cruise ship and sail around the world, providing entertainment and services to your passengers. These are some of the pros and cons of the game.


  • Fun and engaging game that keeps you entertained for hours.
  • Possibility to customize your boat and make it unique.
  • Wide range of activities and services to offer passengers, from restaurants and shops to events and attractions.
  • Beautiful graphics and detailed design bring the cruise experience to life.
  • Realistic challenges and obstacles that make you think strategically and plan for the future.


  • It can be difficult to balance the needs of your passengers with the limited resources available.
  • It may take some time to get used to the controls and mechanics of the game.
  • It can get repetitive after a while, with similar tasks and events happening over and over again.
  • Not suitable for players who prefer action-packed or fast-paced games.

Overall, World Cruise Story is a great game for anyone who enjoys simulation and management games. With engaging gameplay, realistic challenges, and beautiful design, it offers a unique and fun experience for anyone who dreams of sailing around the world on a luxury cruise ship.

FAQ – World Cruise Story Gameplay

1. What is World Cruise Story?

World Cruise Story is a simulation game where you take on the role of a cruise line manager. You are responsible for building and managing your own cruise ship, designing and furnishing staterooms, and ensuring your guests have an unforgettable experience.

2. How do I control my cruise?

To control your cruiser, you must first build and design it. Once your ship is launched, you can control it using touch controls. Tap cabins and facilities to manage them and keep your guests happy. You can also purchase upgrades and hire staff to help you manage your ship.

3. How do I advance in the game?

To progress in World Cruise Story, you must earn cruise points by completing missions and keeping your guests happy. You can use these points to unlock new ships, facilities and upgrades. The more guests you attract and satisfy, the faster you will progress in the game.

4. Can I customize my cruise?

Yes, you can customize your cruise by designing and furnishing cabins, adding facilities such as restaurants and entertainment venues, and upgrading your ship’s capabilities. You can also choose a theme for your boat and give it a unique look.

5. Can World Cruise Story be played for free?

World Cruise Story is free to download and play, but contains in-app purchases that allow you to purchase in-game items and currencies. You can choose to disable in-app purchases in your device settings if you prefer to play without spending money.