Ands SEVEN is a fast-paced action role-playing game that offers players an exciting adventure in the land of Altago. The game, developed by Nihon Falcom, presents the story of two adventurers: Adol Christin and Dogi, who travel to unravel the mysteries of the kingdom.

Players take control of Adol and fight wave after wave of enemies using a combination of swords, magic, and special abilities. Along with character progression elements, Ys SEVEN offers players an immersive world filled with lush environments and a wide range of enemies to fight. The game is known for its unique battle system that involves fast and frantic button pressing.

Overall, Ys SEVEN is a must-play game for anyone who is a fan of exciting adventure games with engaging characters and an immersive world. The game is available for download on several platforms, including PC, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo Switch. So, what are you waiting for? Discharge Ands SEVEN And embark on a journey to discover the secrets of Altago today!

Ys SEVEN PC Game Free Download Preinstalled in Direct Link. Ys SEVEN was released on August 30, 2017.

More about this game

Join red-headed adventurer Adol Christin and his loyal companion, Dogi, as they put their pirate connections from past adventures to good use to weigh anchor in the bustling port city of Altago, a former world trading capital that was isolated from foreign visitors for too long. . for a long time because of a war that has just ended with the Roman Empire. The people of Altago are still wary of foreigners, and the land is filled with monstrous creatures that are invulnerable to standard steel, rendering Adol’s tried-and-true arsenal of weapons from past games ineffective. Forced to rearm and retrain from scratch (and prove himself to the somewhat xenophobic population of this new country), Adol sets out on a king’s quest to explore a set of nearby ruins, only to find himself embroiled in a high-stakes game. risk of appeasing ancient dragons. and save the world… once again. Along the way, he will meet a variety of new and old companions who will join him in his quest through the new party system, in which up to three characters can be controlled at a time. Only by mastering the use of piercing, slashing, and thrusting attacks, as well as dozens of unique abilities, quick dodge, “flash protection,” and more, will Adol and his team be able to uncover the mystery of the Five Great Dragons, the five ancient tribes. of Altago, and the recent series of earthquakes that threaten to destroy this ancient and historic land. Come take part in the first Ys adventure of the modern era! The fast-paced challenges and massive bosses that made this landmark series famous are back and bigger than ever.

System Requirements

  • SW: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel® Core™i5 2.4 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1280×720 Intel® HD Graphics 4400
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB of available space
  • Sound card: high definition audio


Pros and cons of Ys SEVEN

Ys SEVEN is one of the most acclaimed action RPGs to hit the gaming industry in recent years. Like most games, Ys SEVEN has its own pros and cons that players should consider before diving into the game.


  • Engaging Gameplay: Ys SEVEN features engaging gameplay that requires players to use their skills and strategies to defeat enemies and defeat the boss.
  • Excellent Plot: The plot of the game is well crafted and full of twists and turns that make it very exciting and entertaining for the players.
  • Stunning Graphics: Ys SEVEN features beautiful and colorful visual graphics that enhance the gaming experience and make it more immersive for players.
  • Good Audio: The game’s soundtrack and sound effects contribute to the overall gaming experience, providing an extra layer of immersion for players.
  • Character Customization – Players have the ability to customize their characters, allowing them to personalize the game to their liking.


  • Short Gameplay: Ys SEVEN’s gameplay is relatively short, with the entire game lasting only 20 to 25 hours, which may not be enough for some players who opt for games with a longer narrative length.
  • Difficulty Level: Some players may find the game’s difficulty level too high, which could frustrate them and cause them to abandon the game altogether.
  • Unimpressive Side Quests – The game’s side quests are somewhat monotonous and boring, which may not appeal to players interested in a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Linear Plot: The game’s plot is relatively linear, giving players limited options and no chance to alter the game’s ending.
  • Repetitive Combat System: Although the game’s combat system is engaging, it can become repetitive, which bores some players.

Ys SEVEN is an excellent game with its pros and cons. Players who are interested in an immersive action RPG experience with a gripping story, beautiful graphics, good audio, and customizable characters will enjoy playing Ys SEVEN. However, players looking for longer playtime or more story options may want to explore other options. Overall, Ys SEVEN is a game worth playing, as long as players weigh their preferences and decide accordingly.

FAQ – Ys SEVEN Gameplay

Q: What type of game is Ys SEVEN?

A: Ys SEVEN is an action RPG with fast-paced combat, exploration, and character development. The game features real-time combat where players can switch between three characters and use different skills and abilities to defeat enemies.

Q: How long is Ys SEVEN?

A: The main story of Ys SEVEN can take around 20 hours to complete, but there are side quests and optional content that can add more play time. The game also has multiple difficulties and players can choose to play on a higher difficulty for a more challenging experience.

Q: Can I customize my characters in Ys SEVEN?

A: Yes, players can customize their characters by equipping them with different weapons and armor. There are also accessories and abilities that can be acquired to further customize each character’s abilities and playstyle.

Q: Is Ys SEVEN suitable for beginners?

A: Ys SEVEN can be a challenge for players new to action RPGs. However, the game does offer tutorials and tips to help players get used to the combat system. The difficulty can also be adjusted if players find it too challenging.

Q: What is the story of Ys SEVEN?

A: Ys SEVEN follows Adol Christin and his companions as they travel to the Kingdom of Altago to stop an impending disaster caused by the power struggle between the Five Dragon Knights. The game features a gripping story with memorable characters and plot twists.